When I was offered some cool teenage bedding to review by the guys over at Dreamtex I was excited. I knew I would get massive mum brownie points from Ben for this one!

As I have shared with you before Ben is a big gaming fan and loves his consoles. He has a double bed and at 13 it can be tricky to find him cool bedding for it. Well, it was until I discovered Dreamtex.

Double bed with black call of duty bedding on and a blanket with design on also.

Why is bedding so difficult for teenage boys?

Ben at 13 is at the age where he has outgrown most character bedding. The ones he would still be interested in are only made for single bed size. He is 5ft 8 now and growing fast so has a double bed. The choices are limited without being quite plain aren’t they? Well, so I thought. I was totally amazed by the variety Dreamtex had!

They have not only gaming bedding like the Call of Duty duvet cover and blanket we were sent and the Fallout 4 duvet cover. They also have Game of Thrones, Nasa, God of War and Assassin’s Creed. Great for adults too!

double bed with fallout 4 design bedding on. light blue with yellow colours and character holding up their thumb. one pillow is the same character one has yellow background and blue writing saying fallout.

What about younger children?

If you have younger children too don’t worry you can treat them to new bedding from Dreamtex too like LOL surprise, That’s not my…., The Gruffalo and much more.

packaged call of duty double bedding, packaged fallout double bedding and packaged call of duty blanket

What is the quality like?

I was very impressed with the quality of the bedding we received. It is crisp and feels thick enough to last well. It doesn’t feel cheap but actually is not too expensive. The brand does not sell directly from its website but has a number of retail partners including Amazon, Asda, B&Q, John Lewis, Primark, Sainsbury and many more!

The bedding has a different design on each side. The Call of Duty one has a camouflage design on the back. the Fallout one has the logo all over the back.

fallout bedding with corner overturned to reveal alternate side with yellow and blue logos on.

How much is the Dreamtex bedding?

On Amazon, the Call of Duty Black Ops double duvet set is £21.68. The Call of Duty fleece blanket is just £7.01. The Fallout double duvet set is £23.99. Of course, if you have Amazon Prime this is so easy too as you can order for next-day delivery!

For double duvet sets with licensed designs like this, I think these prices are great and definitely would encourage me to buy new designs as they come out for Ben’s favourite games/franchises.

call of duty bedding showing corner turned over to reveal camouflage alternate side.

What does Ben think of his cool teenage bedding?

Ben absolutely loves his bedding and thinks it is cool! He has found it comfortable and is very impressed with the designs. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends at school all about it.

Ben is his bed with call of duty bedding smiling.

Do you have a teenager who is gaming mad? Check out the range available on Dreamtex and see what they might fancy. You might be surprised at the choice available.

packaged call of duty double bedding, packaged fallout double bedding and packaged call of duty blanket with wording saying cool bedding for teenage gamers from dreamtex - a review

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