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Did you realise that this year there have been lots of new driving rules and regulations? I for sure was not aware of them so I wanted to share some with you to help you stay within the law too. Let’s face it none of us wants a fine through the door, do we? Or worse sitting in the office of an injury lawyer.

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When did you last read the highway code? Do you even own one? If like me you have not even thought about it since passing your test you are not alone! Many drivers feel that when they pass their test the learning is over. We of course forget that new driving rules come into place constantly and it is our responsibility to know them. Unfortunately they say ignorance is no defence.

Did you know for example that the MOT categories have changed and that if a problem with your car is deemed dangerous then you can no longer drive it. The issue must be resolved before the car is road legal again.

My pet hates when driving

We all have little niggles don’t we that really annoy us when driving. One of mine is pedestrians who do not look before crossing the road, especially those with children. If there is an accident inevitably the driver will be told they should have seen them. This surely works both ways though? Do you agree?

Another real issue I have is cyclists without helmets on. When I was young I remember a toddler being killed near to where I lived and her mum seriously injured after the bicycle she was riding with her toddler on the back was hit by a car. Neither were wearing helmets. Now helmets are much more easily available there really is no excuse in my eyes. I was shocked on a recent visit to London how many cyclists in such a busy city still do not wear a helmet!

Knowing the new driving rules

Do you think the government publicise the new rules well enough? Maybe I am a bit oblivious but I have not seen much about any of the changes.

Cyclists are more common on our roads now than they used to be I think so there are new rules regarding how close you should be when overtaking them. The laws make perfect sense but I really didn’t know about them.

Do you have a teenager learning to drive? Their driving test will be so different to ours with even a part where they follow instructions from a Sat Nav!

If you want to read all the changes that, like me, you probably didn’t even know about check out Kwik Fit’s Rules of the road eBook.

New driving rules for 2019 - all you need to know

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