Whilst many people give chocolate eggs for Easter, I do think there are so many other gifts that are perfect for Easter. After all, there is only so much chocolate anyone needs isn’t there! All the below are Easter gift ideas I genuinely would love to receive myself or know someone who would.

I guess there is nothing stopping you from buying anything as an Easter gift really!

A group of colourful eggs

Easter gift ideas for children

For babies, a Baby Easter Basket would be perfect as they are too young for anything more.

easter art kit

Sometimes you just want the kids to spend time away from chocolate or screens. This sand art is perfect for that. These two lovely sets are just £3 each and you could post them directly to a young one in your life. Check them out here.

If you have crafty kids why not get some free Easter printable activities to keep them busy? These Easter crafts also sound great fun if you are looking for some Easter craft inspiration!

Farm in a box is a great gift idea for Easter

If like me, you hate it when toys come in so much useless packaging then this is definitely a gift you will love. Farm in a box is a farm playset where even the box forms part of the set! It is £28.99 on Amazon but is probably available elsewhere too. This is one of my favourite Easter gift ideas for little ones as it is perfect for talking about animals having babies and new life.

Playfoam putty for an Easter gift

Playfoam putty is a great Easter gift idea for sensory children who love slime and other similar substances. This 4 pack is just £13 and will keep them occupied for quite some time and makes a unique and fun gift. Check it out on the Learning Resources website.

Discovery eggs for Easter gifts

These Discovery eggs are great for children aged 3+ who love to hide things and collect little treasures. If you wanted to, you could fill them before gifting them with little items? These are just £8.50 from Learning Resources.

Coding critters with Easter themed animals such as rabbit

If you have a child to buy an Easter gift for who loves making things work then these Coding Critters are a great Easter themed introduction to coding for children aged 4+. At £40 they are more expensive than a chocolate egg but last for much longer and despite being fun they are secretly educational too! Buy them from Learning Resources.

Play set that looks plastic but is made from sugar cane

This is a lovely tea set perfect for any young one who loves pretend play. It is great for the environment too as made from sugar cane, a sustainable plant that reduces carbon emissions. At £19.40 it is a similar price to other tea sets but knowing you are buying something sustainable is always good, don’t you think? Available from Amazon here.

3 stunt planes from stomp rocket

If you are looking for a gift to keep the children active, this set of 3 stunt planes from Stomp Rocket are perfect. Stunt Planes includes three unique planes: the Looper makes giant loops; the Glider does tricks and glides over 100 feet; and Wild Cat flips, turns and soars. It is educational too as they can learn about ‘trajectory’ by changing the launch angle, ‘force’ by stomping harder or softer, and ‘aerodynamics’. A great activity for the spring at £29.99 from Amazon.

Reading eggs learning books

Despite a year of learning at home a lot many children still enjoy learning books. These ones from Reading Eggs are great. Reading eggs sell activity books from £3.95 and more in depth books like these for £19.95 each. It is hard to see in my photo how thick these books are but they have 200 activities in. They will really make learning fun for youngsters alongside the work they are already doing at school. Check the Reading Eggs range out here.

Moon ball bouncy ball for an easter gift

Another physical activity gift is this Waboba Moon Ball. Available in a variety of colours it is addictive as when it hits the ground it makes a pop sound! Moon Ball has been engineered to bounce really high and be easy to hold so will keep anyone busy for ages! Moon Ball is £6 on Amazon.

Chocolate lolly maker perfect for making lollies from left over easter eggs

If you are buying for a child who already gets lots of chocolate eggs then why not buy them a chocolate lolly maker so they can have fun with their chocolate rather than eating it all at once? Made by John Adams it is a popular toy with youngsters and is sure to encourage them to take their time over their Easter chocolate. Buy it for £17.99 on Amazon.

Geomag magnetic toy

Geomag is a lovely activity for youngsters using magnets and shapes to build and create. The Geomag Supercolor range is great for children 5+ but they may need a bit of support and supervision if they are not used to building toys like this.

The brand also does a glitter range and some suitable for older children so take a look over on Amazon at their selection and find one perfect for your recipient. The Supercolor range is all made from recycled plastic so a great eco-friendly gift too. Do be sure to check the age guidance though.

Geomag mechanics set

This Geomag Mechanics set is great for older children aged 7+ and love to build and create. For around £16 it is a lovely gift that will keep any child busy for much longer than a chocolate egg.

Both this Geomag set and the one for younger children above are great Easter gift ideas and should keep the kids busy for days!

stuffed animals

What about these lovely Easter plush toys from Melissa and Doug? If you like the look of them you can win a pair here. They are available from Amazon so easy to send directly to the little one of your choice if you are unable to see them due to the ongoing pandemic.

The soft toys are both suitable for age 2+ and will be thoroughly loved I am sure by their recipients! A great idea for an Easter gift for kids of any age but perfect particularly for young ones. Melissa and Doug is a premium brand for young children so you know it is of great quality.

Food and Drinks as an alternative Easter gift

Sea Arch non alcoholic set

Are you wanting a nice drink for someone who does not drink alcohol or is trying to reduce calories then Sea Arch is perfect. A calorie-free non-alcoholic spirit inspired by the sea.

It should be enjoyed like gin with tonic and lemon over ice for the perfect refreshing drink. If you are buying for someone who follows Slimming World then Sea Arch combined with diet tonic water is completely syn free! It is available in a gift pack with a 25cl bottle of Sea Arch and 2 cans (150ml) of Double Dutch skinny tonic for £19.95 on the Sea Arch website.

Slingsby gin spritz set

Would you prefer to gift some Gin Spritz as a ready-mixed drink? These cans are just 70 calories each, so if you follow Slimming World 3.5 syns each. Each can has an ABV of 5% so pretty good too. If these would be the perfect gift for a gin lover they are available on the Spirit of Harrogate shop for £7.50 for the set of three.

Hawkbill rum

This Hawksbill Caribbean spiced rum is a lovely gift as it is something a little different and a nice looking bottle too. A recommended serving suggestion is 50ml of Hawksbill Caribbean spiced rum, 25ml lime juice, 25ml passionfruit syrup, 25ml orange juice and 10ml grenadine. Simply shake the ingredients with ice and finish with an orange slice and cherry.

If this would be the best Easter gift for your recipient it is available from a variety of stockists including Master of Malt, Drink Supermarket, Drinks & co, Spirit of Harrogate and Amazon for £23.

Fruit bowl snacks

For a healthier and generally different Easter gift or as an alternative to a bag of mini eggs these treats from Fruit Bowl are perfect. They are available in most supermarkets and a nice little thing to pick at without stuffing your face with chocolate!

Egg shaped plastic containing small lakrids liquorice balls

Are you wanting to buy an edible egg that isn’t chocolate? This Liquorice egg from Lakrids is amazing and perfect for any liquorice lover! Check it out on Sous Chef for £24.

Haribo Easter gift ideas

Haribo has some lovely Easter themed sweets. They would be a nice change from chocolate or for someone with an allergy or who doesn’t like chocolate. This selection are available in most supermarkets. Why not take a look next time you are shopping or ordering online?

Skincare and Haircare ideas

Hola coco hair mask

Are you buying for someone frustrated with their lockdown hair? If they are looking for solutions to make it look amazing without hairdressers this could be perfect. The Hola Coco hair mask is a coconut oil-based hair mask. It gives a fresh from the salon look in 15-20 minutes.

This 500ml tub is vegan along with sulphite and cruelty-free. This makes it perfect for so many people and great for their hair too. Comprising of predominantly shea butter and coconut oil it is so natural too. If this is the gift for you then pop over to the Hola Coco website where this tub is £29.99.

Easter egg tins containing little egg shaped soaps

These lovely egg-shaped soaps in little Easter themed tins are a great unique Easter gift from Bronnley. Buy an individual one for £4.50 or a set of three for £10. This is one of my favourite Easter gift ideas as it is completely Easter themed but not chocolate!

Happiness stationary set

These lovely goodies from Nettlefold, a lovely brand with a heartwarming story and would be a perfect Easter gift. The owner of the brand, Zoe, discovered that when she was young her Grandad had written poems for her. Lines from these poems are used with stunning artwork to make gorgeous gifts, art prints and cards.

This happy pack includes a notebook, eight greetings cards and a keepsake token is £30. If you are sending it directly to your recipient they also offer gift wrapping for £3 extra. Check out the Happy Pack and all their other gifts. I promise you will love them as much as I do!

Natalie Trice affirmation card set

These lovely affirmation cards from Natalie Trice are stunning. Perfect to help someone struggling with confidence and needs a bit of a push to put themself first more often. The quality is great and the set contains 31 cards. I just didn’t want to spoil it showing you them all!

Easter gifts for the family

Great British Moan off game

This game is hilarious and such fun if you are a family of people who like to complain. It is just £9.95 on Amazon and would make a different and fun game for all the family.

Lex Go! Games in the Disney and Harry Potter varieties

Another great family game is Lexicon Go! These Harry Potter and Disney versions are therefore even more fun! If you love word games then you will love Lexicon Go! Check out this Harry Potter edition on the Winning Moves website and the Disney version here.

If you are looking for Easter gift ideas for a family this would be lovely. For around £15 it is similar to buying 4 chocolate eggs and will last much longer!

wooden easter toy

Have you seen this cute Easter bunny? I absolutely love it and it is one of a great range. It is £38 but totally cute so is it a gift for your family? Check this bunny out here.

Easter gift ideas for all ages

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