Have you been put off buying Easter gifts because you won’t see the person they are for? Did you hope to find something in the supermarket but they had gone the same way as the toilet rolls? Don’t panic!

Here are my last-minute wonders for you to treat the kids or even an adult for Easter. They are not even eggs because hey a gift is a gift, you don’t always want to give chocolate, do you? Some I was sent to feature but I still like them as ideas!

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Gifts for the littlest ones

I love these Baby Easter Baskets for little ones too young for toys.

Tomy Toomies hide and squeak egg stackers

Have you seen the lovely Tomy range of Hide & Squeak toys? Perfect for your ones who really don’t need chocolate and would appreciate this sort of thing far longer!

Tomy Toomies bright chicks and nesting eggs

Two more goodies from the Tomy range. The nesting eggs set on the right is around £5.99 and the Bright chicks set on the left around £9.99. Definitely worth checking out for a good quality present for a young one!

Tomy Toomies egg and spoon set

This egg and spoon set would not only be a fun Easter gift but also a great activity for kids to keep busy during the current lockdown. This one is just around £9.99.

Easter gifts for young children

Yolkies eggs with collectible figure inside

I am loving these Yolkies as an alternative to a chocolate egg. Yolkies combine sugar-free, edible slime and collectable surprise toys
encased in mystery eggs! What child doesn’t like a surprise toy? They are just £4.99 and available in a variety of stores including Tesco so perfect for the last-minute buy!

Dino smashers

For a huge surprise how about the Smashers epic dino egg? A bit more expensive than a chocolate egg but will sure keep them occupied a bit longer! Check it out on Amazon.

The smaller Zuru 5 surprise balls available on Amazon is an alternative surprise toy.

7ate9 game

Another possibility would be the 7 ate 9 card game from John Adams. An educational fun game of mental maths in an egg-shaped container!

Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is a favourite with kids so why not get them a set instead of more chocolate? Fun and not too messy they will love it. This particular set is around £9.99.

Easter gifts for older children

Rose quartz necklace

If you want a special gift for an older child then how about jewellery? There are so many necklaces on Amazon from a couple of pounds upwards. Alternatively, this beautiful one from Nude Jewellery is £95.

Harry Potter invisibility cloak

A fun Easter gift that has no Easter theme but is blooming amazing is this Harry Potter invisibility cloak. A must for every young Harry fan and is currently a great deal at £32.81 on Amazon. Check out my review here.

Easter gifts for adults

Flamingo slippers

I absolutely love Prezzybox and these Flamingo slippers are just amazing! Definitely a fun gift for an older child or adult for Easter!

Guylian chocolates

Easter chocolate doesn’t have to be an egg. A nice gift could be a box of chocolates, whatever their favourite is. I love Guylian so would always appreciate those but to be honest any chocolate is a winner for me!

Joe Sephs sauces

These sauces are an amazing gift for someone you care about or just for yourself! For around £4.99-£5.99 depending on your choice of flavour there is a huge variety. Available directly from Joe & Seph’s website here.

Easter gifts for all the family

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