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Refurnishing and decorating your home can be a huge job. Whether you’re planning on selling your home, or you simply want to change things up, there’s no need to put it off anymore. There are some easy decorating tips and ways to transform your living space without having to hire professional decorators or spend thousands on new furniture or paint.

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What to buy first

Sometimes, it only takes a small change to really make a difference. So, if you’re going to splash out on anything, consider getting one signature piece. This can be anything from mirrors, to chairs, or even to lampshades. You can find some beautiful, handcrafted pieces at the Cotterell & Co website

Of course, you can also try charity shops or antique stores for unique pieces, but you may have to look for a while to scour through everything on offer. Whichever route you choose, just one piece can draw the eye and start conversations. 

Feature wall

On a similar note, a feature wall can make a huge difference for comparatively little work. Rather than repainting the entire room, just focus on one wall and either choose a contrasting colour of paint or a bold wallpaper to make it really stand out. Even though it’s just one wall, it changes the whole room. 

But what about some smaller changes? 

One thing that can make any room feel special is indoor plant life. Houseplants don’t just look nice, but they’re good for us too. Having greenery nearby can have a positive effect on the air quality, and even on our mental health. If you’re changing the office around, then a couple of potted plants may improve productivity and focus. You do have to look after them though, as dying plants don’t look half as appealing.

Not buying anything new?

Even if you don’t get anything new, you can still make things look fresh by moving things around. Switching paintings around is simple, but artwork can have a huge impact on how a room looks and feels. If it feels like you have a lot of space in the middle of the room, then pushing the big furniture away from the wall can make things feel a bit more homely.


Speaking of furniture, you don’t have to get new furniture to make them look new. Depending on what couches you have, a couch cover might be a great way to change the colour of your soft furnishings while protecting the seat underneath. While you’re at it, consider changing the cushion covers around to make yet another little change.

A Rug

If your room seems too cool, then a rug can make a huge difference. While some are expensive, you can get a cheap second-hand rug that adds character to your room and warms it up. Just make sure to clean it as soon as you can.

Eventually, each little change adds up. Before you know it, the old familiar room will look like new. Even better, you can swap everything around again in another six months’ time, if you’re so inclined.

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