This post has been paid for to share with you my favourite places to eat out in the Mansfield area.

I love to eat out, unfortunately my weight is not always as keen on the idea. Here I thought I would share with you the my favourite places for eating out in the Mansfield area. Along with a few tips for eating there if you are trying to lose weight.

A bowl of soup on a table of cups and glasses

WaterLily Indian restaurant

This is an amazing Indian restaurant in Mansfield that I can highly recommend. Whilst the food, as a typical Indian, is often creamy and not perfect on a diet such as Slimming World I think it is worth a cheat day or day off plan for. I absolutely love going here with Stuart and the onion bhajis are to die for. Well not literally but I have never had any like it.

Onion bhajis on a white plate

Larch Farm at Ravenshead

This is a lovely independant place to eat and drink. They have a lovely menu full of variety. Some of the items of course are healthier than others but the staff are always amazing. If you need to change something they are happy to do that where they can.

Ben has allergies and we find they are always happy to check ingredients for us for Ben’s more obscure allergy of cinnamon! If you want to swap and change aspects of meals they are happy to help if they can. If you love gin then Larch Farm have a lovely variety too.

Fruit in a glass of gin on wooden table

Bold Forester, Hungry Horse

Whilst it is great to get good size portions when you go out some places really overdo it. I love the food here but look at this for a main course! It is halloumi and sauce stuffed inside two long pieces of garlic bread. It is tasty but extremely filling. I could probably eat a quarter of this as a meal but of course when this is delivered you just feel obligated to eat it all.

A sandwich, chips and onion rings from the Hungry Horse

Toby Carvery

A local Toby Carvery – The Watermill is one of this popular family friendly chain that serves delicious Sunday roasts. If you ask for your vegetables to be made unglazed then you can have a really healthy meal out.

The meat from the carvery along with unglazed vegetables and plain boiled potatoes is a perfect Slimming World friendly meal. Toby Carvery is a popular place for a family meal and you can enjoy it even on a diet!

A closeup of a pile of broccoli


Eating out at Wetherspoons is really easy, you can even order from the table on a mobile app. The menu includes pub classics, jacket potatoes, salads and low-calorie meals.

It is easy to swap elements of your meal and ask for it without dressing etc. There are Wetherspoons pubs everywhere. I love them for their simplicity so whilst it isn’t fine dining you do get a decent meal for a low cost.

Two pieces of corn on the cob in a white bowl

If you are going somewhere you are not sure about always book a table. Depending on where you are visiting you can find local restaurants on Bookatable by searching restaurants near me. It is a great way to book ready so you don’t have to wait when you arrive.

A cup of coffee in white mug and saucer

Sometimes you can find somewhere new that you had not considered all at the click of a few buttons. For example here are some restaurants in Nottingham.

I love the sound of the Marco Pierre White steakhouse and grill though I wonder if they have many vegetarian choices. The Bookatable website has everything from that to a kitty cafe and so much more. Have you ever been to a Kitty Cafe?

If you fancy a bit further afield we loved Cosmo in Derby. Did you know too that eating the Italian way does not have to be unhealthy?

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