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Are you trying to be more eco-friendly? These items will help you to have a more eco-friendly kitchen without spending too much. I am loving trying to be more eco-conscious and helping our oceans with good plastic-free buys. If you have any other ideas do comment them below.

Ocean water waves

Eco-friendly drinks bottles

Closeup of Sherpa silver bottle on white surface

There are so many plastic bottles produced every year and they are really not necessary. Buying a good quality reusable bottle will last you a long time and help the environment. This Sherpa bottle keeps liquids cold for 50 hours! Think how many plastic bottles you can avoid buying with one of these! The Sherpa is available here.

Recycled leather

Coasters on white surface

How much wastage is there when things are made in factories? LIND DNA make things like the coasters above from excess leather used when furniture, bags and shoes are made. Using the leather and some natural rubber products like these are made. I love this idea as consumers can choose items like this made from the usually wasted scraps and less goes to landfill which has to be a good thing. Check out their website here.

Make your own yogurt

Easiyo products on white surface

How many yogurts do your family use in a year? I have just worked out we must get through around 400, that is 400 plastic pots every year we use and dispose of for yogurt alone! The EasiYo is a yogurt maker that can stop all of that. Each packet makes 1kg of yogurt by adding water and leaving for 8 hours. The kit contains reusable pots so couldn’t be simpler. Check out the EasiYo website for all flavours available.

Reusable glass straws

Glass straws on white surface

These Vaso glass straws are a perfect alternative to plastic straws which we all know are bad for the environment. Whilst paper straws are an alternative not everyone likes them, I know I don’t! These are great and come in a few different lengths to make them perfect for any drink. Each straw is recyclable, sustainable and extremely safe as they are crafted from German engineered Schott glass that is stress tested to double the human bite force. They are coming soon with more information here.

Plastic free baby wipes

Aqua wipes products with yellow rubber duck in front of brick wall

Baby wipes and make-up wipes are usually plastic-based. The average family with young children uses thousands a year. Think of the amount going into landfill or sewers. Scary isn’t it? These Aqua Wipes are biodegradable and don’t contain any plastic at all. As they are so natural they are perfect for those with eczema. More information about Aqua Wipes can be found here. Amazon also stock them.

Reusable Swab

LastObject came up with the world’s first reusable swab, which came to replace cotton swabs, buds and Q-tips. LastSwab is a sanitary and sustainable alternative to traditional single-use swabs, which is easy to clean with soap and water. The product comes in two versions: one for cleaning and the other for beauty. A single LastSwab replaces 1000 single-use cotton swabs.You can find our more on

Organic intimacy products

Yes WB and Yes OB lubricants on white surface

Intimate products can also be eco-friendly. This personal lubricant from Yes Yes has recyclable packaging and paraben-free ingredients. Using natural ingredients making them sustainable the range includes intimate wash, vaginal moisturiser and more. If you want to find out more check out the Yes Yes website. The products are available from Holland and Barrett, Wholefoods Market, selected Superdrug and Sainsbury’s, Planet Organic and selected independent pharmacies. Check out my giveaway for some of these organic lubricants here.

Eco-friendly skincare

Green Skin Salvation products on white surface

Balmonds products are really eco-friendly and Skin Salvation, is 100% natural (no preservatives, petrochemicals or synthetics) and is packaged in a glass jar and cardboard box. Made from 100% natural, hemp and beeswax the skin salvation balm has many uses from cleansing to moisturising, as a lip balm, for cracked heels, as a hand cream, tattoo aftercare and chafing etc . The other products all are great too. I think it is so important to use natural products where we can. There are far too many chemicals going into our oceans etc. Do you agree? I have a giveaway for some of these goodies, check it out here.

Eco-friendly plastic-free sanitary towels

Sanitary towels always contain plastic and harm the environment when they go to landfill or in the sewers. Reusable fabric sanitary towels are so much better for the environment and apparently more comfortable too.

Erika sanitary wear on green grass

This picture (above) from Erika a fellow blogger show her CSP (cloth sanitary protection) available in four different sizes. Night, heavy, extra-long normal absorbency and liner. The below picture from Kelly shows how the poppers work on them to secure them on your underwear.

Kelly sanitary towel being held above wooden floor

Reusable nappies

A close up of a reusable nappy with bear design

Reusable nappies look so comfortable as Jaymee‘s little one above shows. There are so many lovely designs available now they are much better than the old terry-towelling nappies! Charlotte‘s picture below shows just how easy they are to wash too. I love the idea, I won’t be having another baby though just to try them! If you are looking into the idea of reusable nappies check out the posts from Emma who uses them on her son here.

Closeup of reusable nappies on a washing line

Beeswax food wraps

Beeswax food wraps on wooden surface

Beeswax food wraps like these from BeeBee are a great alternatively to cling film. They are essentially organic cotton covered with beeswax. Reusable they can last around 6 months imagine how much cling film you would use in that time!

Eco-friendly natural laundry products

Soapnuts on green grass

Rather than using endless washing tablets, powder or liquids containing all sorts of chemicals many people are now using soap nuts. Natural alternatives like this are great for the environment. This picture was from a blogging friend Katie who blogs over at Living life our way. She blogs about lots of environmentally friendly subjects so do go and check her blog out.

Pinterest pin of a body of water with a wooden pier

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  1. I am most interested in the glass straws; but loads of other great things too. A comprehensive collection and well worth sharing

  2. This is so cool. All the eco friendly alternatives we have. Thanks for sharing! I need those glass straws!

  3. Thanks for sharing the amazing ideas. I always prefer eco friendly options. I love the idea of making our own yogurt.

  4. I tried going completely plastic free a while back and gave up pretty quickly. I felt it was so difficult especially if you are on a gluten free diet like me. I still follow some basic rules like I dont use plastic bags and try not to buy bottled water.

  5. I love the idea of make your own yoga, though it was really to buy the made one but I would love to try this to help save our environment.

  6. I have not seen some of these! like glass straws, totally heard of stainless steel ones. these are prettier!

  7. yessss!!! I only buy eco-friendly products from responsible brands. The list is awesome!!! I will check these out and add them to my list. Thank you.

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  9. Oh these are all awesome! I just bought some metal straws and am LOVING them. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I wish my country has stuffs like that. But some of the stores here stopped using plastic straws and started using paper ones!

  11. We stopped using a plastic straw and replaced it with reusable bamboo and the aluminum straws. Thanks for introducing to us other items that are plastic-free and eco-friendly.

  12. I always looking for eco-friendly options, so this post is definitely saved now under my favorites. I love the idea of preparing my own yogurt. Plus the reusable straws are sooo cute and useful at the same time. Thanks for sharing!