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There seem to be so many tips and tricks out there to live in a more environmentally friendly way it can be overwhelming. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by it all here are 5 easy swaps you can make to live in a more environmentally friendly way without significantly changing your lifestyle.

Switch up your Laundry products

Have you seen the laundry eggs available to reduce or completely stop your need to use chemicals to wash your clothes? Simply swapping to these can help the environment considerably with fewer chemicals going into the oceans. Often a lower temperature is needed to wash the clothes too.

This also saves money too so definitely worth a try! Even if you try it and change your mind, those few washes you did without chemicals have made a small difference. If everyone only did that, it would still help the planet.

Swap to an electric car

Next time you are ready for a new car, either to buy or to lease, consider an electric car. Not only could it save you money on fuel, but it also helps the environment.

Electric cars are much more commonly available than they were a few years ago and the charging points seem to be popping up everywhere. From supermarkets to restaurants and at all the big service stations so you should never need to worry about finding a charging point.

This simple swap when choosing your car will make you more environmentally friendly every single day!

Boycott bottled water

Bottled water is not only overpriced for something you can get for less than a penny from your tap, but it is also extremely bad for the environment. Firstly there is the processing of the water and bottling of the water. These processes use energy and as such harm the environment.

The bottle itself is using plastic, something we all know we should try to avoid to help the planet so we don’t keep sending plastic to landfills. Whilst we can recycle plastic it still uses energy and the reality is that not all bottles are even recycled! By avoiding bottled water you are making a huge change to the planet. All this whilst actually only making a small change to your life.

Think of all the fuel that won’t be used transporting bottled water around the country if everyone boycotted bottled water today? Try drinking from the tap, it is usually safe and just as nice!

Reuse not throw away

Before you throw anything away think if you could reuse it, even once before throwing it away. Clothes can make rags for cleaning or even be sewn into other items. If you have a change of decor can you gift your ornaments and cushions to charity to be reused rather than throwing them away?

If you throw less away every week this will be so much better for the environment. A change like this will not cost you a penny! You could even make some money selling old clothes! That would be more environmentally friendly and make you money too!

Eat less meat

Don’t panic, I am not telling you that you need to become a vegetarian! By just swapping one meal a week you could help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. The energy used to process and transport meat is significantly more than vegetables in general so just one meal a week, 52 meals a year, could really be a way to do your bit.

What do you think, could you make some of these simple changes to be more environmentally friendly?

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