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We can go into the summer holidays with the best of intentions for our family. Whether we are helping them to eat healthy food or get them to do some learning, it all tends to go out the window come week three! So what can we do to ensure that we are keeping our family on track in a fun way? A Trip to London? There are so many free things to do in London so it doesn’t have to be expensive.

A group of people close to Tower Bridge

Heading on holiday together means that we can let our hair down, but at the same time, we still need to do things as a family. What are the best places in our fair capital that lends themselves well to fun, frolics, but also, a healthy sense of fundamental development? You could always add a visit at the end of the day to one of the independent cinemas!

The Many Toy Stores

If you want your kids to enjoy themselves, but also, if you need to provide a little bribe, London has so many stores. In fact, it’s not just about the London shopping district, but it’s about the quality of the stores themselves. There are so many that are attractions all in themselves. The Lego Store in Leicester square is a child’s dream come true. Or you can head to the toy department in Harrods. But parents will be just as impressed with the luxury that these stores exude. And let’s not forget Hamleys, one of the largest toy stores in the world!

The Guided Tours

You can’t visit London without getting on a bus! If you want to educate your children in the ways of the Big Smoke, getting on The Original Tour buses gives you plenty of information about the landmarks, as well as the smaller, lesser-known places. The Original Tour has different routes that cover all the major places in central London. But, there are plenty of other guided tours that offer a more interactive approach. If you want to find out about Jack the Ripper or Harry Potter, there are tours to suit everyone!

Madame Tussauds! 

As a way to please parents and children alike, Madame Tussauds provides a vast cornucopia of popular figures, from Donald Trump to Katy Perry, and everyone in-between! It’s not just about waxworks, there are numerous attractions in Madame Tussauds that children will love, like the Star Wars Experience, where you could pilot a spaceship with trusty Chewbacca in tow or fight against Darth Vader! This is incredibly popular, so make sure you book in advance.

Getting The Sights In 

One of the best ways to spend time as a family, but also get amazing photo opportunities, is to go on the London Eye. Pick your time right, and the light captures London in the most beautiful glow. Yes, it’s a glorified Ferris wheel, but it’s Europe’s tallest one!

See The Sea Life

Next to the London Eye is the Sea Life London Aquarium. If you’re looking for something that’s for the whole family, as well as educational, Sea Life provides plenty to do. Even if you have a child that cares nothing about sea life, there are plenty of interactive games to keep them occupied. Besides, you can go through the whole exhibition in an hour and a half, so the children don’t need to get bored!

If you don’t get to London much, make the most of the remaining summer months, and experience London at the best time of year. London is calling!

When you get home why not have a lego building challenge and see who can build something they have seen on their trip? Playing together can be such fun!

Don’t forget other places can be great for educational trips like Chepstow area or even somewhere like a sea life centre in Birmingham. Everywhere can be educational if you put your mind to it!

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