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Are you worried about keeping your scalp slate clean and toxin-free, after years of sun damage, chemical wear and tear, and pollution? Do not fret about a complete detox from your harsh haircare routine!

Similar to what detoxification does for your body, detoxing your hair care routine can help get rid of all the buildup that might be weighing your hair down. When it comes to detoxifying, here are the top 10 ways to keep your scalp toxin-free:

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Soothing shampoo to ensure the right pH

If you are looking for sensitive scalp treatment, use shampoo for sensitivity. The vulnerable scalps get thrown off balance and even start to flake off if they are exposed to years of chemicals, colours, heat treatment and so on.

Therefore, it is important to wash your hair and keep a clean scalp, reducing toxicity. To eventually take the detox process of your haircare routine to the next level, try using sustainably sourced ingredients that are packed with sustainable proteins such as oats, soy and so on. These ingredients help in rebuilding your hair, making them strong and healthy.

Apply aloe vera gel 

Rich in essential vitamins, aloe vera helps in improving cell turnover, leading to a healthy scalp. It also fights flakiness and improves blood circulation. So, consider rubbing an aloe vera leaf directly on your scalp and let it sit for about an hour before you wash it with a soothing shampoo.

Try apple cider vinegar

Cleansing your hair with diluted apple cider vinegar can help unclog and prevent flakiness while leaving in the natural moisture in the skin. You can try using it after a normal shampoo wash.

Have proper balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet provides the right nutrition to the hair, detoxifying the scalp from within. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C can lead to increased absorption of iron in the body, improving the health of hair.

Use the right comb 

Invest in a wide-tooth comb and a good quality scrubber while working from hair roots to tips. The bristles help in stimulating the blood in the scalp, allowing easier application of hair products.

Consider using natural oils

Oil enhances lubrication of the hair shaft during your haircare routine, preventing breakages. Natural oils such as coconut oil, mineral oil etc. prevent hair damage, reduce friction and enhance shine. 

Stay away from heat treatments and chemicals 

Avoid use of chemicals and heat treatment as much as possible as they stretch the hair beyond its limit. For hair detox, try to stay away from dyes, styling irons, scorching torches, and hair products containing sodium. 

Try home remedies

Try effective home remedies if you are suffering from itchiness, dandruff, toxin build-up, flakiness and so on. These recipes are easy to make and can be tried at home. 

Regular head massage

Scalp massage during your haircare routine helps in stretching the cells of follicles, making the hair healthy and thick. According to experts and researchers, regular hair massage helps in growing your hair and keeping them healthy.

Let them breathe

Last, but not least, keep your hair free from braids, extensions or anything else that you use as part of hair care routine. These additions lead to hair thinning and breakages. Also, let them loose at times as it helps them to breathe.

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