A guest post from Ben from Ben’s autistic world about Eh-Co foods and their range of tasty foods including spicy sauces.

I love trying new foods and things in different ways, sometimes driving my mum crazy in doing so, especially when I see something different on the fish counter to try (she is vegetarian!). When Eh-Co Foods said I could try a few of their products to share with you as part of my work experience working on Just Average Jen with my mum over the summer I was excited.

What did I try out?

I received some Jalapeno hot sauce to try out which is one of the milder choices in their chilli sauce range. It comes in a bottle that looks very similar to any other hot sauce.

I also tried out two different varieties of coconut Cocosweet snacks. This is a candied coconut available in a variety of flavours. I tried the plain candied coconut and the caramel candied coconut. Other flavours include cinnamonly and nutmeg but as I am allergic to cinnamon that wouldn’t have been a good choice for me!

How did I find the Jalapeno hot sauce?

If I said it was spicy it would definitely not be an understatement! It was tasty but the sort of sauce you have a small amount of or perhaps use to marinate something, definitely not to use as an alternative to ketchup with a big dollop unless you are braver than me! I like spicy sauces and foods but couldn’t manage this as a dipping sauce!

Did I enjoy the Cocosweet candied coconut?

I absolutely loved this and both flavours were really good. I am sure you would like them too. It is perfect on its own as a bit of a snack to eat straight from the bag but as it is quite small pieces this could easily get messy.

Alternatively, I loved it to top some fat-free fromage frais we had in the fridge as a great way to flavour something like this or plain yoghurt. If you enjoy oats, nuts or honey in yoghurt for breakfast this would be a perfect alternative!

What are the prices like?

The hot spicy sauces are £4.97 each (this is the one I tried) and the candied coconut Cocosweet is £2.79. For such unique products with good flavour I think this is great value and definitely something I would recommend.

I also love that it is buying from an independent business as we should support them and not just always buy well-known brands from big supermarkets!

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