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Life can move pretty fast and major changes can take place as we go through the years. We may head away for education, we may head away for work, we may meet someone and head away to start a new life. This can often mean that we are a little further away from the loved ones who helped to raise us into the adults we are today.

Even those of us who stay at home, we can often struggle to fit our elderly loved ones into our hectic schedules. After all, we have to manage jobs, fitness and social lives – often alongside romantic relationships. Now, thanks to the rise in technology that has resulted in the increased prevalence of smartphones, this isn’t always the end of the world. We can check in on our loved ones without having to travel a distance. But if your loved ones start to struggle, become lonely, or experience health issues, you may find that you need to show a little more TLC. Here are some things you can do to give them a helping hand!

Make the Most of Technology

It can often be easy to forget to reply to a message or call. But make the most of the ease and immediacy that technology provides us with. Take a few minutes each day to check on your loved ones and see how they’re doing. A simple message or call can really help to brighten up their day. It is worth trying to check in as regularly as possible too. Sometimes elderly individuals don’t want to burden us. You may not witness problems they’re facing until you meet them face to face.

Consider Care Homes

Of course, not every elderly individual is interested in heading into a care home. If they’re fit and well, they’ll probably want to live in the houses they’ve worked their entire lives to build for themselves. But if your loved one is lonely or requires round the clock medical care, you may want to consider a high-quality care home like Porthaven. This will put them in a safe environment where they can receive the care and assistance they need and socialise with others of their age too! These care homes use housing association software to manage multiple things or you can access the comprehensive senior living, memory care and assisted living options within the searchable directory found at

Asking Them to Move In With You

If you have space and want to keep a closer eye on your loved ones yourself – and if they’re willing to move too – you may want to ask them to move in with you. This can be a great option that helps forge even stronger bonds and can give you real peace of mind.

It may feel a little odd taking the reins on an elderly loved ones wellbeing at first. After all, chances are they looked after you at some point! But it’s always good to return the favour and do your utmost to ensure that they’re happy, healthy and well.

Giving Your Elderly Loved Ones the Care They Deserve

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