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I often wonder how the future will be for Ben and then his children and so on. The world seems to be changing so fast and things don’t last forever do they?

When I was young all cars had leaded petrol and must have had such an impact on the environment. As time has passed we have moved to most cars being unleaded and some diesel. Now electric cars are becoming more popular.

An electric car charging at an electric charging point
An electric car charging in California

When it comes to sustainable living I think that whilst electric cars are not the only change we can make they are one of the easiest and most straightforward!

We use a car so much, don’t we yet still burn fuel into the environment when there are other options? One thing I think is easily used as an excuse is an ability to charge a car isn’t as easy as fuelling it at a filling station.

I thought this too but discovered that it isn’t actually that hard with a NewMotion Chargepoint really not that hard to find! I have noticed our local Sainsbury’s has a few parking spaces with charge points that are usually empty!

Another thing which had put me off the idea was the cost, I am however aware that although electric cars often are initially more the road tax on them is much less as can be found on the government website. Not only that but with fuel prices constantly increasing at least you know where you are with an electric car!

Can you drive far without needing to charge though? Will it be a hassle constantly charging it and not going far? These were of course other things on my mind when considering an electric car.

The average electric car can drive 181 miles on a single charge so this did actually surprise me and made me wonder if this would be a perfect choice for my next car.

I don’t drive that much so would probably only need to charge the car every few weeks I guess depending on the car I chose and that doesn’t seem too bad at all does it?

I love that you can get good quality cables without spending a fortune and with a 3-year warranty, free delivery and a case to carry them.

What are your thoughts? Are you like me and considering the idea of an electric car for your next car? Or are you more like the kind of person to wait until they are more common and everyone else has one first?

I have my current car for another year and then I think I may look into what options are available for electric vehicles as it seems more and more are becoming available all the time.

I think it is definitely the way forward though as I know the future will be better for Ben with more sustainable solutions such as these.

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