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During the last couple of months whilst we have spent a lot more time in the house we have talked a lot about renovations and redecorating. There is so much we would love to do but it is hard to decide what to prioritise isn’t it?

Light and cleanroom with gorgeous engineered wood flooring
Light and cleanroom with gorgeous engineered wood flooring

Agreeing on a plan of action

This is the point me and Stuart often get stuck. We both have different ideas and those ideas change a lot so we never get anything done! I guess half the problem is that redecorating or completely renovating a room involves emptying it and we have so much stuff! We have made the first step recently of having a big declutter. I got rid of 5 huge bags of clothes and no end of teddys from Ben’s bedroom!

Budgeting and deciding between budget and quality is often really difficult. I do think though that, on the whole, the more you spend the better quality you are buying and therefore the longer it will last. For some things this is really important, others less so. Flooring is something I feel money should be spent on.

hallway with heels and a case
High Heels and Briefcase in Hallway

My flooring choices

One thing I would really love is engineered wood flooring. It is so long-lasting and will continue to look good if you look after it. Another thing that really appeals to me about it is that when you get bored of the style of your room and repaint or wallpaper anything goes well with wooden flooring. It is so much better than choosing a carpet which is in fashion now but will look awful with your new colour scheme in a few years time.

Have you ever thought of the cleanliness of the flooring in your home? However often you vacuum it is always going to be much harder to keep clean and holds dust so easily. If you have pets or you wear shoes in the house the bacteria from outside is being carried so easily around your house. How often do carpets get cleaned? I would imagine for the majority of people it is not at all often.

If you have long hair like me you will see masses of hair everytime you empty the vacuum and all this is building up on the carpet. I would love engineered wooden floor to prevent this. It is so easy to just sweep up and see when you are collecting dust.

wooden flooring close up

Why engineered wood flooring could help your health

I have severe asthma and also a bit of a dust allergy (not that you would know it looking at how dusty the house is!). Ben has very sensitive skin and he has some allergies too so I am always looking for ways to prevent him or myself having reactions or difficulties breathing in the case of my asthma.

Looking at flooring I was surprised to realise how much something like engineered wood flooring could make a difference. The dust held in carpets could be making your conditions worse. Apparently carpets can hold four times their weight in dust! How scary does that sound?

Does this make you consider engineered wood flooring?

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