This Eufy RoboVac 11 was sent to me for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

I am not a domestic goddess at all. I like to keep the house reasonably clean but if I can avoid doing something then I usually do. This is probably not ideal as Stuart is the same and Ben helps only creates me an extra mess.

He did enjoy the previous cleaner I reviewed but the novelty wore off! I guess I am lucky that we don’t have pets to add to the dust and such.

Have you ever used a robot vacuum? I had one about 5 years ago but didn’t think too much of it, to be honest. The one I had was expensive but missed bits and just wasn’t very effective.

When I was offered the chance to try out and review the Eufy RoboVac 11 I really couldn’t wait. Of course, hoping it would be much better than my previous one. Excited also for someone else doing the hoovering without whinging!

Black eufy robot hoover on carpet

What is this?

If you want to get out of vacuuming then this really is the gadget for you! It is a vacuum that just gets on with it while you put your feet up, work, go out or just have better things to do.

Now I appreciate people saying that there will sometimes be areas that a robot vacuum will miss but a bit of dust is unlikely to kill you isn’t it.

We have one life and I am sure as hell not spending it vacuuming if I can avoid it!

Black eufy hoover hoovering the carpet

How does the Eufy RoboVac 11 work?

In the box, you get a charging hub which plugs into a normal electric socket and sits at the side of a room. There is a little slot at the top to hold the remote control.

Yes, that is right this gadget even has a remote control so you don’t have to move to even press the button on the top! It is there though if you wish to burn off those extra calories!

eufy robot cleaner with remote control in hand

There are different settings for the RoboVac which Ben has named Roby. One is auto where you just press the button and it goes off on a wander hoovering as it goes.

Another setting is the spot cleaning, if you find a bag of sugar has been dropped on the floor then this is the setting for this. It feels odd putting something on the floor deliberately to hoover it up but I did that for you to check it worked – dedication!

On the spot cleaning mode, you use the remote control to guide the RoboVac to the area. When in position just press the button and it cleans from that point outwards in a circular type motion.

Another setting which I think is a total gamechanger is being able to set the vacuum to clean at a certain time.

eufy robot hoover hoovering an orange carpet

A time saver

Just think of all the possibilities with a RoboVac, having a bath while the cleaning gets done, shopping while the vacuum does its thing or even going to bed and coming down to a clean house in the morning.

Unfortunately, the RoboVac only works at floor level and cannot clean shelves, TV’s etc. Give it a few years though and I am sure the technology will be there for that too. In the meantime though who wouldn’t want to avoid hoovering up?

The guys at Eufy have promised to let me know just as soon as they have found a way to make a RoboVac that can dust, wash up and iron too so don’t worry I’m on it!

Black eufy robot hoover in packaging

The important bits

So you think this sounds great, right? Well, you know what it is! There are some things you need to know though so here are the ins and outs before you buy it!

The RoboVac has two brushes which need clipping on when you unbox it (easy to do). It also includes spares and more can be bought on their website at £7.99 for 4.

The RoboVac doesn’t like thick rugs or carpets. I have two rugs in the lounge and the normal one, which is in the above photos, it is happy with. The other is very hairy and Roby gets a little stuck on there.

RoboVac gets tangled in wires so make sure they are out of the way. It saves you tripping on them too so is common sense really.

RoboVac has two settings, normal and max, both I would consider to be quieter than the average vacuum.

The remote control takes two aaa batteries (not provided).

RoboVac is pretty clever and doesn’t crash often, he can even detect drops like stairs but be careful, if he does have an accident you will be gutted, he is ace!

He (I decided it’s a he!) has a 100-minute battery life which I put to the test and it is definitely accurate. If you are lucky enough to live in a house that is too big to clean with RoboVac in an hour then either buy two or clean different areas at different times of the day. It may be handy to know that returns to its base to charge automatically when the battery is low. Shame it doesn’t also do the dusting but like I say I’ve got them working on that one!

RoboVac will never hold as much as a normal vacuum, after all, he is only about 30cm wide and a real cutie! He does, however, have a really easy-to-empty dust compartment which takes a minute or two to empty so it is easy enough!

Black eufy robot hoover on carpet

Do you want your own RoboVac?

Do remember this is a gadget you will love but no one wants a vacuum if they haven’t asked for one. Don’t buy your woman one for Christmas to “help her out” she won’t appreciate it! Instead, buy it for you as a family and save yourself some earache! Just a top tip for you there!

If you want to buy a RoboVac then pop over to their website.

Which bit of the cleaning do you hate the most? When is someone going to invent the machine that cleans the bathrooms or washes, dries, irons and puts away all the clothes on its own? Hopefully, it won’t be long until we can get some kind of gadget to do all of that too!

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  1. This looks absolutely fantastic and I really really want one. I love how handy they are and you can just set if off whilst you get on with other jobs – every parents dream.

  2. Always wanted one of these. I’ve been pushing my agent to get one to review. Do you have pets Jen? If so how did they feel about ‘him’