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When you are looking to buy health supplements, it can be a minefield, can’t it? So many different options and stores and different combinations of vitamins and minerals leave you feeling a bit like buying supplements and knowing what to take is hard work!

I know I start looking and then end up not buying anything as I just don’t know what I need! this is why I wanted to share Every Health with you.

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Who are Every Health?

Every Health are a go-to website for everything you might need on a health and wellbeing journey whether that be protein powder or vitamin capsules they have something for everyone.

They only sell good quality products so you are assured that you are buying the best.

The website is set out so it is easy to find the products suitable for you and that fit your own personal needs. If you use discount code EVERYHEALTHEXTRA10 you can get an extra 10% off so some items work out as 25% cheaper at the moment! Medical products excluded.

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Finding the products for you

Everyone has different requirements and there is something for everyone on Every Health. The “Your Needs” menu is really simple and helps you find what you are looking for. So expectant mums can go straight to prenatal care or someone trying to lose weight straight to weight management.

Every Health has products for beauty, brain health, bone and joint health, and lots more. If you have dietary requirements you can easily find suitable products on the menu too.

For example, it is easy to view just the supplements and products suitable for vegetarians as a vegetarian myself!

A game-changer in my eyes as it is so frustrating looking for what you need, then having to check if it is suitable and then starting again when it isn’t!

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Choosing to improve your health?

These are just a few of the categories of products available from Every Health. I couldn’t possibly tell you about everything as it would be a very long article!

Immunity boosting supplements

If you are often ill then maybe you are considering supplements to help your immune system. Every Health has a good variety of products in this category that really suits everyone from gummies for children to sprays for the whole family you will find more than just tablets and capsules!

It could be that you choose a women multivitamin or prefer something more specific. Everything is easy to find and you can easily read all the suggested uses, ingredients and any cautions on each product page. Brands available include Garden of Life, Minami, Klean Athlete and Vital Proteins.

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Beauty supplements

It is becoming quite popular to take products like collagen as a beauty supplement with other products like omega 3 also having supposed pro-ageing properties it may be that this is what you are looking for.

If you are looking to try a selection of these products you have such a variety of flavours available and a choice between capsules, creamer and more! Brands available include Garden of Life, Minami, Klean Athlete and Vital Proteins.

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Fitness Supplements

If you are interested in fitness supplements you are possibly buying hydration products, recovery products and even electrolytes all in different places. Every Health has all those and more in easy bulk buy with plant-based options if you prefer.

Brands available include Garden of Life, Klean Athlete, Vital Proteins and Minami.

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Weight Management supplements

When you are trying to lose weight sometimes you need products to help. Every Health sells a range of Optifast products as well as products from Garden of Life, Vital Proteins and Klean Athlete. For those who do Keto, there are all-in-one shakes and the general selection of shakes, meal replacements and collagen etc is vast.

Much better in my opinion than the selection most gyms have so you can really choose what suits your lifestyle, the flavours you prefer and get a discount too on your order as an added bonus. Check out their weight management section for the variety.

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Brain Health supplements

If you are in need of supplements for your brain health or to aid concentration, memory, focus etc. Some people really find supplements help, it is not something I have tried previously but I am curious. I am such a scatterbrain at times!

Every Health has products to try from BrainXpert, Garden of Life, Minami, and Klean Athlete such as Magnesium, cod liver oil, essential oils and raw b-complex. There are specific options perfect for children or prenatal with a huge variety of flavours too!

How do you know if you need supplements?

If you are considering any kind of supplements you should always check with your GP or pharmacist to ensure that any prescription medication you have or conditions you have will not be affected adversely. Whilst this is unlikely for most supplements, there are times when you could have issues so please do be sure to check.

Sometimes you may find a doctor who advises you to take a supplement that may help you. Obviously, if they do then this is something you need to be looking at getting sooner than later.

Most supplements are great as an addition to a healthy diet. There is no reason, other than the above, why you shouldn’t try and see if they could help you. Especially if you know that your diet is lacking in a particular nutrient or if you are going through a particular time of your life such as needing a prenatal selection.

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Shopping with Every Health

As I said previously, I love the discounts at Every Health. It is simply based on how much you spend. This means you can choose the exact supplements and products you feel will help you without being swayed by different offers.

If you are not sure what to try then there are some great bundles you can buy from Every Health focussed on different areas such as a sleep support bundle, a prenatal bundle and a women’s hair, skin nails and a beauty bundle. Perfect if you are a little unsure and want to just quickly buy something to try!

My thoughts

I am not someone who has often tried health supplements, mostly because I am a little unclear about what would help and how to choose. Having looked at Every Health I am a lot clearer and feel like it is definitely something I will be looking into and discussing with my GP the next time I see them. Currently, I am having difficulties with my asthma so don’t want to start anything new until that is back under control.

Do you take any supplements or use any products from Every Health? Comment and let me know, I am interested, and nosey too! I would love to try some so I welcome your recommendations!

Remember if you use discount code EVERYHEALTHEXTRA10 you can get an extra 10% off so some items work out as 25% cheaper at the moment! Medical products excluded.

If you found this helpful please share!

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