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Many people would rather build an extension than move house and I can totally see why. Packing up to move house is hard work. The stress of changing schools etc. All the problems which are not there if you extend your current house. Here I thought I would share with you 5 things you may not have thought of but need to consider before deciding on an extension.

Interior of bathroom for the disabled or elderly people. Handrail for disabled and elderly people in the bathroom
Interior of bathroom for the disabled or elderly people. Handrail for disabled and elderly people in the bathroom

The purpose of your extension now and in the future

Maybe at the moment you need more space for your teenage children but have you considered what happens when they move out? Ensuring that your extension will be suitable for your family in 5 years time as well as now is really key.

Could you need to care for an elderly relative at some point? If this is a possibility and the extension may one day be for them then remember this throughout. When choosing the bathroom for example opt for a wet room rather than a shower cubicle which would be hard for someone elderly to use.

Thermostat on the radiator with a scale
Thermostat on the radiator with a scale

The plumbing and sewage adaptions needed when building an extension

If an extension involves a bathroom, kitchen or even just a toilet you will need to consider the plumbing and sewage. For a bedroom only extension you will still need radiators etc. These can add considerable cost so not an area to overlook.

Whether you have a sewage pumping station or it can be linked to your current sewage system you will likely need an expert to do this. If you are adding to your central heating be sure to check your contractor has a Corgi Gas Safe certificate.

Interior Of Modern Lounge With Open French Windows To Garden
Interior Of Modern Lounge With Open French Windows To Garden

The future value of the house

When you are planning an extension it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of making the extension everything you as a family need. That said do remember you could one day be looking to sell the house when situations change so try to bear this in mind throughout. Would other people find this extension fits their needs perfectly too? Will losing some garden make a difference?

Flat painting
Flat painting

Your neighbours

If you have a good relationship with your neighbours then making sure you keep them informed is really important. Whilst you don’t need their permission if you have planning permission for building an extension it is good manners and will keep good relations with them.

Imagine if they were having workmen in every day for months, how would you feel? By letting them know what is happening they could find it so much more helpful.

Friends Using Drinking Straws
Friends Using Drinking Straws


Have you ever watched DIY programmes and thought about the budget involved? You may need to rely on back up plans and have a bit of an emergency pot. Even if you do not think you will need it maybe ensuring your credit limit is good would be a great back up plan.

This post about taking care of your home during construction work could help too.

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