Fabric cutting is one of the most important steps when making garments. If a garment is not cut well, it might end up rejected by the buyer. This is where fabric cutting machines come in handy. You can find out more about cutters on quiltersreview.com.

Cutting machines are devices that are used in the crafting world to provide the best layout and patterns. But you need to make sure that you have the best equipment for sewing and clothing. Below are 5 things you should consider before you buy a fabric cutting machine.

Cutting and Machine

Fabric cutter type

Fabric cutters are available in two different types, manual and digital/electronic. One of the top guiding principles that will help you determine which one of these machines is best for you is precision and flexibility. The digital type allows you to do more than just cut the fabric. It gives greater precision and flexibility. On the other hand, the manual type is more standardized and mostly used for cutting fabric and felt.

In general, it all depends on your preference, though when it comes to their prices, electronic ones are expensive. If you prefer a more high-tech cutter, the electronic digital option is for you. Just ensure that it’s within your budget. For beginners, it’s recommended that you go for the manual option. It’s not just cheap, but you can gradually learn the basics.

Functionality and versatility

Always consider how you will use the cutter before purchase. If you intend to perform different kinds of work like scrapbooking, quilting, embossing, sewing and clothing, you’ll need a cutting machine that is multifunctional. The versatility will allow you to perform all these functions using a single cutter.

Pair of hands cutting some black fabric

Ease of Use

Most digital fabric cutting machines are a bit complex to operate, especially if they are not computer savvy. You need to put in a lot of work to cut to your desired pattern. This can be challenging, so pick a cutter that you can use.


Similar to many other products, the size of a fabric cutter is an important factor. This is because you might not have enough space to accommodate a bulky fabric cutter. However, in case you have a limited amount of space, then a manual fabric cutter might be the best option. The only limiting factor is that working with small spaces is tricky since when you lay the fabric down; it can be too cumbersome to work.

Accessories and special features

Some fabric cutting machines provide you with additional accessories and special features, especially the digital models. This makes them not just a good bargain, but ideal if you’re making fancier clothes that require special features like embossing.

Both digital and manual cutters come with a starter kit. Most times, you will find additional parts like blades, dies, and cartridges as part of the package. Others like electronic types even have patterns, stencils, and templates. All these accessories and special features can save you a reasonable amount of money. They not only provide convenience but versatility as well while giving a detailed and fine cut.

Finding the right cutter will help you to design not only exquisite garments but ones that you will truly be proud of. Since they have varying prices depending on the brand, type and functionality you need to find a fabric cutter that lies within your set budget, but ensures that it will meet your needs and serve you as intended.

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