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Attempting to host the whole family from one bathroom is an admirable pursuit. Why take up space with another bathroom when you do, technically, have all the room you need? Even on days when this sharing debacle gets overwhelming, you might remind yourself that families of four, five, or more manage to make one bathroom work. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should do the same.

In reality, there are more negatives to sharing one bathroom than there are positives. When you think about it like that, you may soon realise that an additional bathroom extension or ensuite will be more worthwhile than you think. In fact, this simple step could end up saving you a world of stress and even money in the long term.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out why a family-wide bathroom might not be best after all.

The challenge of creating a space that suits everyone

As the heads of the house, you and your partner get the final say on bathroom design But, that doesn’t mean your designs will always suit family purposes.

Think about it; your ambient bathroom efforts are never going to work alongside all the toys and bottles that go hand in hand with family usage. Equally, your streamlined decor isn’t going to fit with the storage solutions needed to make a bathroom like this work. Not to mention that varying physical needs could see you struggling to even settle on appliances that work for everyone. Before you know, your efforts to create an appealing bathroom will be down the drain!

This is something you can do away with by investing in an ensuite just for you or an additional ‘adult’ bathroom. With these, you won’t need to worry about excessive storage or decor that fits with the toys and evident child focus of the family room. Instead, you’ll be able to create the bathroom that you, and your guests, have been crying out for.

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The race against time

It may seem like sound like a comedy sketch, but trust us when we say that someone will likely be banging on that family bathroom door at some stage each morning. We each like to wash at our own pace, and that doesn’t always work when you’re all up against the clock. Even with a schedule, there’s simply no guarantee that you’ll have enough time to freshen up before heading into work this way!

Not only will that look bad from a professional perspective once you arrive at school/work/etc., but it also leads to morning family arguments. That’s no way to start the day, and it’s an issue you can do away with by merely incorporating even a compact alternative bathroom space. This way, you can double morning productivity without once having to worry about your kids beating you to it. If you’re feeling kind, you could even let waiting youngsters use the new space…

The drain strain

Next, we have a more practical reason to split bathroom usage, and it comes in the form of drain protection. It doesn’t take a genius to work out, after all, that single drains aren’t designed to deal with a daily deluge from an entire family. That’s a whole lot of work for one drain to handle, and it could well end up in blockages that see your bathroom entirely out of action while you seek a professional drain cleaner to address the issue. That could lead to pretty expensive disasters as your one functioning bathroom is left out of action!

Of course, there are steps you can take to prevent the worst from happening, such as installing hair-catching drain guards and addressing small clogs as soon as you notice the problem. The sad news is that neither of these plans of action makes for foolproof drain protection.

The only thing that can really guarantee that is to split drain strain across another bathroom. This can work wonders for helping you avoid such severe setbacks. As well as spreading the drain workload, a multi bathroom household can continue to enjoy a functioning bathroom space, even if drain issues do arise in the main bathroom. In short; that extra bathroom space could become the only chance you have at working showers and toilets that don’t overflow every time you flush them. That, in turn, could soon see your additional bathroom more than pay for itself as you prevent water damage, burst pipes, and more. 


The constant mess

Last but most definitely not least, sharing one bathroom between you is guaranteed to lead to constant mess that you can never get on top of. Worse, you can bet that you’ll always be the one who has to tackle it, regardless of any efforts to put an alternating cleaning rota in place!

In case you’re in any doubt, take note that bathroom cleaning in a multi-purpose space like this is far from easy. You’ll come across grime you didn’t even know possible, and storage dilemmas that never seem to clear the space the way you would like. Worse, your efforts will be up the creek within seconds of your finishing anyway!

It’s a thankless task for sure, and it’s one that becomes a whole lot easier when you have another bathroom on hand. It may seem counterintuitive as you’ll have two spaces to clean this way, but trust us when we say that the lesser usage in both spaces makes for much simpler cleaning on either side, meaning that you could save yourself a great deal more time here. You might even be able to keep both bathrooms clean for longer this way!

A final word on family bathrooms

Family bathrooms have their benefits but, as you can see here, they’re rarely right for everyone. If you’ve been putting off investing in a new bathroom space, then keep these pointers in mind as you think again. You may just find that this relatively small investment is the best thing for a peaceful family home at last.

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