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Father’s day is one of those days we all dread, men are so difficult to buy for! Last week I shared with you some of my favourite Father’s day gift ideas and today I have a few more for you. Some I have been sent to share with you, others I just think are amazing ideas.

For a dad who likes to look good

silver tree of life cuff links on stripy background

If you are buying for a dad who loves to dress smartly then these Tree of life silver cuff links are perfect. At £55 from Hersey & Son, they are of fantastic quality and for sterling silver, I think a great price too.

If you want to get them engraved Hersey & Son offer that for a little extra. I was surprised to find they sell such lovely cuff links for not that much more than boring steel ones on the high street!

Silver ones are much more special don’t you think? If this design is not for you they have other designs so do pop over to Hersey & Son website and look at them and other gifts like silver bracelets, money clips and much more.

They do women’s silver items too so you could treat yourself at the same time!


How about a stylish and useful wallet? It is an RFID wallet which means if your dad has contactless cards then there is no risk of the data being sneakily stolen.

The signal is blocked by the wallet and all his money is safe. This wallet is brown leather and from TrendHim for £35.

For a music lover

Queen book

If your dad is a Queen fan or has recently become more interested in them again following the release of Bohemian Rhapsody at the cinemas about 18 months or so ago, then this might be the perfect gift for him.

Completely approved by the band this book shares such a variety of memorabilia you will love it and want to keep it for yourself. At just £16.24 and available on Amazon prime it is a great gift idea.

For a dad who likes puzzles

engenius marble run

If you are buying for a dad or granddad who loves to make things with their youngster then this Perpetual Motion Marble Run would be a great gift. We had fun as a family assembling it and testing it out to review! It is available on Amazon for £25.70.

Calming crosswords book

My Step-dad is a big crossword fan so I instantly loved the look of this book. Written with the average crossword doers in mind it is a great puzzle book for just £6.55 on Amazon.

For an avid cook


Are you buying for a man who loves to cook? This ProCook reversible enamelled cast iron griddle is a great gift. It is currently on offer for £32 and is suitable for the BBQ and indoor if you have a suitable hob. ProCook makes such good quality cooking equipment, in my opinion, this is definitely a good deal.

For a dad you don’t see much

nixplay seed smart photo frame

Have you considered a smart photo frame? This one from Nixplay which I reviewed is great. It would be a great father’s day gift for a Granddad who has WiFi but doesn’t see all the family very often.

A personalised gift

Personalised hammer

I love personalised gifts and when I saw this hammer I knew it was the one for Ben to give to Stuart. This lovely personalised hammer is just £19.99 from Personalised gift market.

Dad's seat cushion

This personalised cushion is perfect for a Dad who loves to sit in the same seat all the time! It is just £14.99 from The Gift Experience. They have a great variety of Father’s day gifts all with different personalisation options.

Colouring set and fathers day card to colour in

Why not colour or make a card for Dad? If you have young children this can be the perfect personal gift. These lovely colours from Stabilo are of good quality and would make a great card. If dad likes to colour why not get him a unique colouring book as a father’s day gift?

A gift for a gadget lover

sandisk flash drives

Are you buying for a dad who is forever deleting things on his phone or computer because he hasn’t got enough space? This range of flash drives really is a useful gift he needs.

With SanDisk USB drives available to plug into an iPhone or iPad lightning port or a USB type C on a phone like the Google Pixel they need never run out of storage again! Check out the variety of SanDisk flash drives on Amazon.

Food and drink gifts

Oggs cakes as a fathers day gift

How about treating dad to some cakes? If he is vegan even these cakes are fine for him to have and wow they are absolutely delicious. I can highly recommend them and I can honestly say that they taste just as good, in fact, better, than any cake with eggs I have ever bought so be sure to give them a try! Available at many Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores. Check your nearest stockist of OGGS here.

whisky glasses and stones

Does your dad love whisky? These unique whisky glasses and whisky stones available from Red Candy make a perfect gift either together or separately. The Normann Copenhagen glasses are currently £32.40 the pair and I think look so stylish and unusual.

The stones are just £12.50 and come as you can see with a nice bag to keep them in. Just chill the stones in the freezer and dad can enjoy his whisky without it being diluted with melting ice!

If you are looking for unique whisky to go with them check out Summerton Club. A whisky subscription! Sure to make you the favourite child!

A football fans gift

fifa world cup book

Would a book about the history of the FIFA world cup be something that would interest him?

A gift for a history lover

British history book

This is a great book for a history fanatic and has some amazing documents and things that will really give your dad some new things to read and think about in relation to different areas of history. It is just £16 on Amazon at the moment.

Hampers and gift baskets also make a lovely gift. You could buy a ready-made one from somewhere like the Manly Man Co or make your own with all things your dad likes.

Do you enjoy buying for your dad? My dad died last year but we had a terrible relationship which I have shared previously on my blog. I do buy for my stepdad though but he is so difficult to buy for! He might read this though so I won’t be sharing with you what I decided on!

If you found this helpful please share!

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