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When I was approached to work with Femme Luxe to review their clothes for you I was delighted, new clothes are always great aren’t they!

As I am currently trying really hard to lose weight clothes aren’t lasting me long before I need a smaller size (and I hope it stays that way!) so Clare, my sister-in-law is modelling the clothes for you.

Who are Femme Luxe and what do they do?

Femme Luxe is a popular retailer with an online store only that focus on the latest fashions with low-cost stylish clothing for anyone wanting to keep up with the fashions on a budget. Especially great for teens who like to be fashionable.

We all love things that look good but also comfortable clothes for lounging at home so they have you covered for that too with some great lounge pants and lounge sets that mean you can look and feel good whatever you are doing.

Femme luxe batwing dress knitted cream colour

Femme Luxe sizing

In our experience, the sizing at Femme Luxe is pretty reasonable but possibly a touch on the small side. If you usually buy a 12 or 14 then I would probably go with a 14 from Femme Luxe to be sure, for example.

It is easy to request to return items though so don’t worry too much if you find that you just are not sure of something when it arrives.

The brand does only generally sell clothing up to around a size 14, sometimes 16 so unfortunately not for plus-size ladies but I am sure if you are following my healthy recipes and aiming to lose weight they will fit you soon enough!

lady wearing stripy hooded top and blue track pants

Bodycon dresses

Are you someone who loves bodycon dresses? If you are then take a look at the selection on Femme Luxe and see if any suits you.

Some, I must admit are definitely more suited to ladies in their late teens or 20s which makes me feel old but many I love the look of.


What do you like to wear around the house and relax in at the weekend? If you love co-ord sets then do check out their range, if not what about their other grey loungewear.

The ones we received were good quality and comfortable so definitely good value for money.

lady wearing femme luxe loungewear set

Which items is Clare wearing in these photos?

The grey co-ord set or loungewear set Clare is wearing is the Maria set for £18.99

The blue trousers are oversized high-waisted utility pocket drawstring cuffed joggers for £13.99.

The cream dress is Cream knitted bat wing mini jumper dress – Lipton for £9.99.

What do you think of their clothes?

Is there anything you have your eye on? I know Clare was very pleased with the fit of the dress and said it would be perfect for a summer evening which I definitely agree with.

Could you imagine relaxing on the sofa watching Netflix in the grey set, I certainly could!

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