I have been sent this FFS Beauty gift box in return for an honest review. Have you ever noticed how expensive razor blades are? Especially when you forget you need them and have to nip to the local supermarket where inevitably they are not on offer! I have previously reviewed FFS beauty but they were a newer brand then. I thought it was a perfect time now to revisit how they are getting on.

FFS Beauty shaving gift set with a razor, some blades and grooming products

What is FFS Beauty?

We all know how uncomfortable it is when you shave with a razor which is past its best. With the FFS Beauty shaving subscription you will never run out of blades and every month (or alternate months if you prefer) you will get 4 new blades.

With a monthly subscription that is a new blade for every week. This costs just £9 a month with the option to add shaving products as you can see above for an additional £6 a month each.

If you prefer a gift box set like the one above this is £33. It includes a blade cover and shower holder along with all the products to try and of course your blade and handle.

How does it work?

Quite simply once you sign up you get on with your life, never needing to buy razor blades again. Every month they are posted through your letterbox ready for when you need them.

If you don’t shave as frequently you may feel this is a bit too much, just click to have them delivered on alternate months. It really is that easy.

FFS Beauty shaving set

Are FFS beauty shaving subscriptions good?

The razor heads have 6 blades so as good as many you would buy on the high street, if not better! The handle is metal, not plastic so it is built to last and it is also pretty stylish! I love mine and would definitely recommend it.

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  1. I use whichever disposable razors are on offer however I am looking at ways to reduce waste so I like that you can recycle the blades

  2. I would love to find a razon and creams/gels I cause that doesn’t leave my legs covered in shavers rashes.

  3. I buy the Gillette disposable blades which are in packs of five for a £1 from my local pound shop x

  4. I just use whatever my husband has left in the bathroom, usually Gillette Sensor. No idea what they cost

  5. Unless I can grab a freebie online from wilkinson sword, I use bic razors. Men’s razors are far better, and I use fragrance free gel from Sainsbury’s

  6. I use Gillette Venus and they’re so expensive! I probably spend around £10 a month on razors – so expensive!

  7. I’ve got Gillette Venus too. I wouldn’t spend much on razors, just whatever the supermarket has!