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The first day of school can be a daunting time for both parents and children! We can never predict exactly how they are going to react on their very first day of school. They could run through the door and love every minute or they may be nervous and wanting you to stay with them. Making sure that your child has the best possible start to their school experience can be helped by a huge number of factors. Taunton School, a pre prep school in Somerset has shared a helpful list of tips to help you both with the first day nerves! 

Positive attitude is everything! 

However you might be feeling about them becoming more independent, growing up and starting school, whatever you do be positive. Do not let them hear you describe to your friends how worried you are or let them see you acting anxious or teary on the big day no matter how emotional it is! Be sure to talk about your own childhood school experiences in a positive light and encourage your little ones to get excited rather than nervous! 

Pay the school a visit

It might do your child some good to be able to imagine the school that they are going to in the lead up to their first day. Sometimes the scariest part is the unknown so by getting used to the surroundings you are helping to prepare them for their first day. 

Have some time apart

Try not to let the first day of school be the first time that you have spent the day a part. One of the hardest parts of starting school for your child is that they are being separated from the people they have spent the majority of their time with for the first few years of their life. Make a point of letting a friend or family member look after your child for the day so they can get used to you not being round all the time. This will take some of the scariness away in time for starting school. 

It is normal for both you and your child to be a little nervous about starting school. If you are feeling extra concerned you could contact the teacher to get some advice and put your mind at ease.

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