When I was asked to review the new Fitbit Original Versa I was so excited. Before I had a chance to reply I was texting Stuart and my best mate to tell them about it. Next, I had to decide which colour strap I would like and arrange the delivery.

I had a look at the Currys PC World website about the Fitbit Versa and was impressed at how much they could do. They look great and sounded great too.

At £199.99 though I wanted to not only see how good they are but also if they are worth the money. I read through the specifications on Mobile Mob to try and get a better understanding of it, but I have never owned a Fitbit so my knowledge of it was limited, although I have had a smartwatch that was a cheaper brand and also a running watch that is a few years old now.

There are so many different smartwatches available to choose from for fitness tracking. Comparing models is always helpful to help you decide which is for you. Check out the Fitbit Versa vs Garmin vivoactive 3 and see which you prefer.

Fitbit Versa in packaging on wooden surface

What can the Fitbit Versa Do?

I must say I was surprised at what the Fitbit Versa can do. It can do all my old fitness tracker could do regarding tracking a run or walk with pace, distance, time etc. It can also do the same for swimming and cycling which makes it great for those who do a few different sports. Yes, it’s water-resistant and swim-proof up to 50 metres. We have used it for a few family walks and found it to be accurate and reliable throughout.

The Versa is also a smartwatch in that you can read and reply to messages, take calls, and see notifications for a variety of apps too which is amazing. I did quickly learn though that a WhatsApp group I am in is a bit too talkative for me wearing the Fitbit Versa as I was getting constant notifications! All the notifications came through quickly and were easy to read on the watch.

If you want to pay using your Fitbit Versa you can even set it up to do that though I haven’t tried that functionality yet.

Fitbit Versa box and straps on wooden surface

Music can also be stored on the Fitbit Versa itself with around 300 songs being able to be uploaded to it. It was really easy to add them and connect Bluetooth earphones to make listening to music on the move while exercising easy too.

Looking at health, the Fitbit Versa records your steps taken, calories burnt, distance covered and flights climbed but it doesn’t stop at this.

Within the Fitbit app you can set yourself challenges to see how far you can walk or run in a day and ask the Fitbit Versa to alert you if you haven’t completed your goals each hour. Other health aspects also covered by the Fitbit Versa include sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and you can even input your menstrual cycle to keep a track of that too.

If you are watching what you eat and drink there are sections on the Versa where you can keep a record of these. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop you eating cakes though so I do apologise if you were hoping that that was included in its huge list of functions.

With a Fitbit Versa you can also join groups and communities to encourage each other which I think is great too. I love the fact that so much is available with just a few taps of the screen.

A close up of a smartwatch on a wrist

Appearance, Packaging and Ease of Use

As you can see from the pictures above it arrived looking good and ready to try straight on. If you need a larger strap, there was one in the box and it was pretty easy to swap over.

The strap is available in a variety of vibrant colours. The charging of the Fitbit Versa is really straight forward and I couldn’t fault it at all. The cheap smartwatches I have previously had have been a bit of a fiddle to get charging but this was easy.

There is an online PDF for full instructions which are actually written in a way that you can follow them and understand them.

No ridiculous terminology and set out in a really user-friendly way.

The Fitbit Versa has a good battery life of around 4-5 days between charges depending on how you use it. Charging is really quick and easy so you don’t have to be without it for long because you will soon get used to it and miss it when you take it off.

A close up of a Fitbit Versa on a wrist

Value for money?

I think that whilst there are cheaper devices out there that can do some of the functions of the Fitbit Versa it is unique in the number of things it can do and the ease of use.

If you want a cheap pedometer that just counts your steps and not very accurately then you will get one for a few pounds but the Versa is nothing like that.

The Versa is a smartwatch, exercise watch, and generally amazing device that takes up a tiny little bit of space on your wrist and totally transforms your life.

It isn’t necessarily something you would buy without thinking first but if you pop to Currys PC World where they have them on display you can really get a feel for it if you are unsure.

I always find checking reviews helps me get an idea of things so hopefully this review has given you some food for thought. I love my Fitbit Versa and now I have it I don’t want to be without it. I have never said that about cheaper smartwatches I have tried!

Would I recommend it?

I absolutely love it and would definitely recommend it. Ben and Stuart have both tried it out too and also liked it.

So I would say whatever your age it is definitely worth a look at. If you want to check out some more about the Fitbit Versa and buy yourself one then pop over to Currys PC World online or pop instore and treat yourself.

Ben loves checking out how many calories he has burnt!

Pinterest pin of a Fitbit Versa on a wrist

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