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One of the major considerations when buying any property is the roof. If the roof has not been maintained properly, you could end up with a massive bill on your hands at some point. However, roof maintenance and care is something we tend to take for granted, which is why we decided to put a blog post together. Here, we are going to take a look at the different options in terms of flat roof construction specifically. 

EPDM Rubber Roofing

EPDM Rubber is a great solution for someone who is in search of a long-lasting dry solution for their flat roof. EPDM is ideal for balconies, carports, garages, and porch roofs, amongst other things, proving waterproof and flexible for a whole range of different situations. EPDM rubber roofing systems are used in a whole range of products – one of the most common, for example, is car door seals. It is proven and renowned for its water resistance, is eco-friendly, durable and easy to install, offering a high-performance watertight solution.

Fibreglass Roofing

For a person who is looking for a lightweight, but still strong and durable flat roofing system, they need to look no further than fibreglass. As a product that has been growing in popularity over recent years, fibreglass roofing, also sometimes known as GRP roofs (Glass Reinforced Plastic roofs), offers energy efficiency, flexibility, and durability. As the name might suggest, it is made of a mix of fibre, glass, and glass polyester resin, drawing on modern technology as used on boats and yachts to remain light but strong.

Cold Applied Liquid Coatings

Cold Applied Liquid Coatings are a great solution for a person whose flat roof coating is starting to wear out or requires further waterproofing. Extremely flexible due to their liquid nature, the coatings form a seamless barrier and can be applied easily, even to more complex areas, on an array of surfaces including steel, concrete, felt and asphalt. Cost Applied Liquid Coatings are cost-effective, versatile and safe.

Built-Up Felt Roofing

For someone who is looking to protect their flat roof, Built-Up Felt Roofing is ideal, which is why it is perhaps the most commonly used form of flat roofing in both domestic and commercial property settings. As flexible as it is durable, this is a form of roofing that can also be “green”, meeting building regulations services, and also remain cost-effective.

Green Eco and Biodiverse Roofs

Quickly becoming more and more popular, green roofs are a feature that can add a whole extra dimension to any building – not only domestic but commercial, too. As much as just giving pleasure, the greenery can help enhance the whole environment – literally! These sorts of roofs are also recognized as being able to actively cool buildings and offer sound insulation too. 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the different types of flat roofs that are available today. The type of flat roof you choose depends on the nature of your property and where you are located. Luckily, this is something that the experts you hire will be able to work out for you.

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