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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, socialising indoors has not been permitted unless
under special circumstances, meaning we haven’t been able to welcome loved ones
into our homes. But it’s hoped that a tentative step will be taken towards easing
restrictions on the 29th March, and indoor mixing (according to the rule of six or two
household limit, of course) will be allowed again from 17th May.

wooden floor with a pile of books stacked on

Is your house ready?

We’re sure you can’t wait to be reunited with your friends and family. But the
question is, is your house ready? And, more specifically, are your floors prepared for
the increase in footfall?

For most of us, fitting new floors is one of those expensive jobs on the renovation list
that we are all guilty of putting on the back burner. And, let’s face it, keeping up with
the latest trends and styles to ensure your floors look on point is a job in itself!
However, this needn’t be the case.

Here we take a closer look at some simple – yet affordable – ways to improve the
look and feel of your flooring, without blowing your budget.

Upgrade to laminate flooring

Is your carpet beginning to look a little worn or dirty? Perhaps you’re ready for a
change and love the look of real or laminate wood floors? Laminate flooring is an
excellent choice and looks great in almost every room in the home – including the
bathroom and kitchen which are prone to moisture, splashes and spillages.

This type of flooring is by far one of the most economical and works out a lot cheaper
than other hard surfaces. Add to this the fact that it requires very little upkeep –
meaning you needn’t worry about getting the varnish or wax out to keep it looking in
tip-top condition – and it’s clear to see why so many people swap to laminate.

Don’t shy away from patterns

A great way to transform your tired floors in time for welcoming guests back is to opt
for something bold and decorative – i.e. chevron or herringbone patterns.

Chevrons are a vivid and trendy pattern, commonly seen in modern interiors. These
planks can be joined to create a chevron/zig-zag shape or diamond patterns – giving
the whole room character. However, herringbone patterns with longer planks look
stunning in long entrances, hallways and bathrooms and have spiked in popularity
over recent years. They are considered to be the hot favourite in 2021 – especially
for young homeowners.

Go for grey

Although many laminate floors replicate the authentic look of hardwood, stone or
tiles, there are a variety of shades and patterns to choose from – and grey remains
to be the trendy flooring option.

Why grey? Well, it provides a touch of elegance and can complement other colours
for a modern and sophisticated finish. Grey laminate flooring is also a great choice
for messy homes – or households with children and pets – as it won’t show dust, dirt
or pet hair like a lighter shade would. And the best bit? It’s highly affordable and suits
most budgets.

Choose a good quality underlay

We’ll bet that, if you’re planning on holding catch-ups or parties at home (once the
restrictions have been lifted), you want your flooring to be gorgeous AND comfy,
right? Whilst fitting new floorboards will work wonders for the aesthetic, purchasing
laminate flooring underlay will enhance underfoot comfort, making it comfier to walk
on, and also prolong the lifespan of your newly-fitted floors.

Aside from adding comfort, laminate underlay will reduce the transfer of sound and
heat – making rooms warmer for longer periods of time and minimising impact and
airborne noises.

If you’ve picked your ideal laminate flooring, had it delivered, and need to buy
laminate underlay, be sure to visit Carpet Underlay Shop. They stock some of the
best products on the market and strive to provide the most competitive prices
possible. Their team of experts can even advise you on the best underlay for your
laminate flooring!


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