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If you are getting a bit bored of cooking and wish you could eat out then you may well be considering a takeaway. They do not always have to be unhealthy and many take aways do jacket potatoes or salads, it really depends on your area.

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Where to order from?

During the pandemic, it is not as easy to order a takeaway, is it? Most places do not like to accept cash and do not have portable card machines so would rather you paid online. Of course, a few of the big chain takeaways have been doing that for a while but the smaller ones do not. This is why this Foodhub review should help you.

Are you familiar with the different takeaway apps and websites where you order, pay online and then it is delivered? If so, were you aware that many of these sites take some commission from the shop and as such you are likely to be paying more than if you went directly to the shop.

Of course, it is ok isn’t it as you have to pay a price for convenience, don’t you? Well actually no you don’t! Did you know there is a site/app which does not charge any commission to the takeaways you want to order from?

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What is Food Hub?

If you have not heard of Food Hub then you are really missing out. It works in a similar way to other takeaway ordering apps. The big difference though is it is cheaper!

Why is it cheaper? Because the takeaway is not giving commission to the Food Hub so they can pass those savings on to you!

I absolutely love this idea. I want to support local businesses where I can. The local Indian is amazing and would be my takeaway of choice any day. I love a good curry! Check out your local takeaway on Food Hub and see if it is a better value than the usual Ordering app you use!

My FoodHub review summarised?

From the experience we had with it I would definitely recommend the app, I have only ordered from the app not the website but they look similar to me.

It is easy to use and a clear timeline so you can see when to expect your food. Of course, however, you are still ultimately ordering from the same takeaway so if their timing or food is shocking that won’t be any different. Of course though you, like me, will have your favourites you know always deliver the best won’t you?

What is your favourite takeaway? If you are not cooking a fakeaway made at home of course! Has this Foodhub review helped you decide?

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