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Are you in love with a foodie? Food is the way to many of our hearts, the smell, sight and taste of a good meal unleash a flood of emotions and evoke special memories. 

If you and your loved one are foodies, Valentine’s day presents the perfect opportunity to embark on a culinary journey together. With so many choices, it can be hard to pick the perfect Valentine’s gift for a foodie, but we can help. If music is the food of love, play on. But if your food of love is, well, food, then you might want to read on, instead. 

Say it With Steak

If your idea of a perfect Valentine’s night is a good steak (locally reared, of course) with all of the trimmings cooked to perfection at home, then this steak brander could just be Valentine’s gift that you are looking for.

Quirky, unique and totally romantic, you can eat steak that has been branded with your and your loved one’s initials. The beautiful thing about this gift is that it will last for years, so when it comes to gifts that show commitment, the steaks are high… 

Dining Out IOU – gift for a foodie

Dining out on Valentine’s Day can be a bit passé;  you and dozens of other couples sit self-consciously in a restaurant that is full to capacity and that has had the audacity to add an extra ten 10% on everything because it’s a “special menu”.

There’s tremendous pressure to talk in hushed tones, hold hands and stare at each other lovingly across the table. If you are unwilling, or unable, to conform to the demands of Valentine’s Day dining, why not go off-piste?

Get takeaway or cook a lovely meal for Valentine’s Day and, if you really must eat out, get a voucher or IOU for your favourite restaurant so that you can visit on a day that suits you. 

Spice It Up

If you love cooking together, indulge your loved one in a set of high-end spices.

At Spice Masters, you can hand pick 3 or 6 spices that evoke the most precious memories of your relationship; places that you have visited or that you want to visit; your first meal together; favourite food.

There are 24 spices to choose from, from korma to paella, Italian Bolognese to Japanese 7 spice, enabling you to find a mouth-watering selection guaranteed to get your foodie’s taste buds tingling. 

Cookery Lessons as a gift for a foodie

Does your loved one see themselves as an amateur artisan baker? Or maybe they secretly fancy themselves as the next Nigella or Heston?

If they want to take their kitchen antics to the next level, why not treat them to a cookery course? It’s a fabulous gift and you will undoubtedly benefit in the long term, too. 

Gourmet Ingredients

For many avid cooks, finding exquisite ingredients can be a real treat. Whether that’s delicious local cheese or truffles from France, Italian Limoncello or the finest quality Iberico Jamon.

For genuine foodies, the emphasis is on quality over quantity. A little hamper of beautiful, top-quality ingredients that will help the foodie in your life make their favourite dish to perfection will truly say “I love you”.

The secret to finding the perfect Valentine’s gift for a foodie is to think about what your love loves doing and pay homage to that. It doesn’t have to be fancy, costly or time-consuming.

The recipe for a perfect Valentine contains thought love and kindness. If you aren’t part of a “pair”, don’t despair! You can enjoy Valentine’s Day with friends instead!

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