This article includes advertising for brands however I do only recommend products I genuinely do think would make a great gift. If you find men hard to buy for then these gift ideas for him may help you this Christmas. I have tried to include a variety of ideas to help you whatever your budget but do check out my other gift guides for ideas too!

Gadget gifts for men

If you are buying for a man who loves his gadgets then these ideas may help.

Tile starter kit tracker set

This Tile Starter Pack is £44.99 and includes a Tile mate – perfect as a keyring or on a bag or purse, and a Tile slim – perfect for wallets, purses, notebooks and bags as it is around credit card size and thin.

Wireless charger wooden in a box

If the man you are buying for has quite a recent mobile phone it is likely it has wireless charging as an option. This Wireless charger is stylish and as a 10w charger, it will charge his device reasonably quickly too! It is £49.99 from The House of Marley.

For an elderly man

Sometimes older people are hard to buy for as they seem to have all they would like and are quite stuck in their ways. Don’t panic this may be the perfect gift for them.

Emporia mobile phone

If you are looking to buy a gift for an elderly man who has not had a smartphone before but would be interested in trying one then this is absolutely perfect. It is designed with older people in mind and easy to work and with all the functions you would expect from a smartphone.

Emporia mobile phone

The Emporia SuperEasy is £200, it comes with an easy-to-follow instruction book (none of this nonsense of having to find it online or with a QR code!), it is suitable for use with hearing aids and the screen is large and clear. If this had been available when my grandparents were alive I would have definitely bought them one.

Book and tablet stand

This folding book and tablet stand is really good for the man in your and can be angled however they need depending on whether they are using it for Netflix, studying or something else. It is available from Amazon for £25.

For a man who loves fitness

edifier tws1 pro earphones

These Edifier TWS1 Pro earbuds are available in ivory, pink or dark grey and are IP56 water and sweat-resistant. Definitely great for exercise and nothing will stop them as these have Bluetooth v5.2 which means they provide a more stable Bluetooth connection less likely to have to stop and reconnect! At £42.49 (down from £59.99) on Amazon they are cheaper than something like Airpods but pretty good and I am sure will be appreciated!

Boxbollen boxball set for boxing

Have you seen the latest craze of Boxball? It is really fun and basically uses an app along with this headband with an attached ball to safely box for fitness or fun. It is just £22 and available directly from The Boxball.

golfers kit

Are you buying for someone who loves to play golf but you are really stuck for ideas of what you could buy? This Golfers Essentials kit from the gifts range at Naken Interiors is just £13 and is a perfect golfers gift.

Pro youth bars and tablets

For fitness fanatics, nutrition is important, especially protein bars and rehydration drinks. These are just a few of the products from ProYouth that could be a perfect gift for them. The bars are available in a trial pack of three for £6.25 or in multipacks. The vitamin electrolyte tablets are £6.95 a tube. All are available along with other goodies from ProYouth Nutrition.

Book gifts

rock n roll nanny book

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nanny is a memoir from Sally Arnold about her career working with some of the most well-known celebrities in the UK. She shares insight, unseen images and photographs into her experiences with people such as The Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, The Who and Lynard Skynard. The book is £13.99 and you can find out more about it and buy it from Rock n roll nanny.

A novel based in Nottinghamshire written by popular local author Katie Trinder. Stanley Thomas is a very bad man is about Stan who meets his fate in the gallows in 1953 for murder but 35 years later the hangman is writing a book about his job and everyone has moved on but the book reunites them and forces them to deal with secrets from their past. A great read at £8.99 on Amazon.

countdown to a killing book

If you are buying for an avid bookworm who loves crime stories then Countdown to a Killing is a great one. It is one they will definitely love if they have read The Appeal by Janice Hallett. It is written from multiple perspectives as the content is the correspondence of all the characters to tell the story in a unique and amazing way. Countdown to a Killing is available from Amazon for £8.99.

up up and away book

Up, up and away is a great book for someone who loves nature and viewing amazing photography. It is an insect-eye view of the world in a fantastic book helping the reader to think more about the importance of diversity in the natural environment and think more about how an insect lives and our impacts on that. Up, up and away is available from Amazon for £23.

Food and Drink gifts for him

Sometimes food and drink gifts are the easiest option. Here are some unusual ideas you might like rather than resorting to the same gifts again!

J J Whitley gold vodka bottle

If you are buying for a vodka drinker or a man who has his own bar or drinks cabinet then this Artisanal vodka is a perfect gift and it looks stunning too. This vodka has been filtered through gold thread several times to give it a silkier finish. It is made by J J Whitley who is well known for its amazing gins and vodkas so you really can’t go wrong with this as a gift. It is £17 a bottle directly from J J Whitley but may also be found in supermarkets and off licenses.

built travel mug

Are you buying for someone who always seems to have a cup of tea or coffee in their hand? This stylish travel mug is the perfect gift and is only £13.59 from Cook Serve Enjoy. you could buy them some tea or coffee to go with it or just give it on its own. Other colours are available with the vanilla-coloured one currently just £7!

skint fat cold mug

I absolutely love this mug from Love Layla and think it would make the perfect gift for someone who is always complaining they are skint fat and cold! I know this is me to a T! It is one of the many hilarious and fun mugs from Love Layla at £13.50 each or two for £20!

Waffle maker open on a wooden table

If you think he loves cooking and gadgets then does he have a waffle maker? It is a great gadget for making breakfast waffles or sweet waffles whether for yourself or as a family treat. You never know he may make you yummy waffles! This is an amazing one for just 34.99 made by VonShef and available from VonHaus.

200 degrees coffee

If you are buying for a man who loves coffee then why not consider a bag of coffee that is available in coffee shops? 200° coffee is a popular brand and is available in a selection of varieties. This one is Brazilian Love Affair for £8.95 directly from 200° coffee.

Bottle of coffee liqueur

Are you buying for a man who has his own bar or drinks cabinet? If you are looking for something a little different then this Vivir Coffee Liqueur is perfect. It is a coffee liqueur made from tequila and is so unique he will love it. It is £32 for a 70cl bottle from Master of Malt.

whisky stones

For a whisky lover, these Whisky Stones from Naken Interiors are a great gift and mean that they do not need to water their whisky down with ice cubes to have a cold glass of whisky! A great gift for him for just £9.

charcuterie board

Would a meat hamper be the perfect gift for him? This cured meat bundle is an amazing gift from Crown and Queue, a British Cured Meat company that resurrected traditional and historical recipes to make amazing treats which I believe make amazing gifts. It is a sustainable brand that focuses on quality and even chooses green options for the couriers which I think is fantastic. This is the small gift hamper for £38 but there are many other options available from Crown and Queue.

For a man who loves to cook how about these Meat claws perfect for pulling apart meat to easily shred something like pulled pork? They are £12.99 from Amazon.

For a man who loves to cook meats or BBQ these rubs from Traeger, a popular wood pellet grill manufacturer are perfect for those with a Traeger and who just use something like a George Foreman or oven. Each Traeger rub tin is £9.99 and will last a while, depending on how much you use each time! The varieties we have tried are the prime rib rub, fin and feather rub, beef rub and veggie rub.

For a man who loves DIY

large tool set full of over 100 pieces

This really is the ultimate gift for men who love DIY. The photo really doesn’t do it justice! It is a 256-piece tool and socket set in a carry case for just £109.99 from VonHaus.

Does he have a lot of disorganised tools in the garage and would like some shelving and boxes to organise it all? This huge set is on offer from BiGDUG at the moment at £194 and includes two adjustable steel shelves, a matching workbench, 15 lidded storage boxes and 24 plastic part bins so a huge selection for him to get organised!

Skincare and fragrance

Fragrance and skincare are often seen as easy gifts as all men use them at some point, so here are some ideas for you.

This Nivea Men Ultra-calming set is perfect for any man who shaves and is great for the environment too. The set includes a bamboo razor, shower gel, facial balm and shaving cream and is usually £16. It can be found in most good supermarkets and might be on 3 for 2 offers so keep an eye out for those!

A travel bag full of small travel-size toiletries would be a great gift for a keen traveller. This men’s Travel set by RINGANA is £47.96 and includes a soap (20 g), hydro serum (5 ml), moisturiser for men (10 ml), body milk (15 ml), foot balm (15 ml), hand balm (15 ml), body wash (50 ml), shampoo (50 ml), stay fresh (50 ml), deodorant (5 ml) and tooth oil (15 ml). This travel set is available from RINGANA directly for £47.96.

Arran mens discovery set

This Arran Sense of Scotland set is perfect for a man in your life who has never tried their scents before. The Men’s Luxury Shower & Shave Gel Discovery Gift Set is £10 and includes Lochranza 30ml Shower Gel & 30ml Shave Gel and a Machrie 30ml Shower Gel & 30ml Shave Gel. Perfect to give them a taste of the Arran products and if they like them you could buy them a larger set next year!

Bottle of Sauvage aftershave by Dior

Sauvage by Dior is a great scent for men of all ages. Both Ben who is 16 and Stuart who is 51 like it so I am sure most men in your life would love it too. This 100ml bottle is 95.99 but smaller bottles are available from £54.99. Perfume Direct is a great place to buy it from as they have good offers and while you are there check out some of the amazing gift packs too.

Fashion and style

If you are buying for a man who has great style and likes their fashion then maybe these ideas will help.

Instead of a Christmas jumper, why not buy a Christmas jersey for him? This is the Liverpool FC Christmas Jersey but there is a huge range including American Football, cricket, darts and many more. This one is £23 and available in sizes from kids aged 1-2 to adults 4xl so it something for pretty much everyone!

Colour changing watch in a blue box

This stylish watch is a lot more than it seems. It has an amazing colour-changing face! I couldn’t photograph it well so check it out on the Trendhim website. It is £199 from Trendhim and similar colour-changing watches are available in different strap styles so if this isn’t quite what you are looking for do check the others out.

Trendhim Bracelet

For a man who has a unique style and loves chunky jewellery this Double Dragon leather and steel bracelet is great. It is a good size and chunky. Ben loves it and I am sure many of your sons or partners would too. It is available for £45 from Trendhim.

Trendhim wallet in black

If you are buying for a man who has a tatty old wallet then a great gift is a new wallet. This is just one of a huge range from Trendhim with wallets from £29 and money clips from £16 so something for everyone. This particular one is leather and all the ones we have tried are well-made and good quality.


Spiffy mental health package

This mental health care package from Spiffy is an amazing gift for anyone. So many people struggle with their mental health and I absolutely love this pack as a gift idea. It includes Remindfuls cards full of affirmations to help them stay positive when times are hard, a self-help journal called The Positivity Playbook with fun activities to keep them positive, The Good Daily notebook with prompts to help them see the positive in every day, Airdoh infused with essential oils keep them calm, a push popper keyring, a tea bag and a little sunshine mascot. All for just £30 from Live Spiffy. An absolute bargain in my opinion as I love everything in mine and the contents sell individually for almost £50!

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