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Too many people in this day and age are fresh air deprived. They go right from the house, to the car, to their work then back home and spend a mere minute outdoors every day. Children love the outdoors so you should try spending more time with them outside.

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With our busy lives, it’s understandable, but it is important to find a way to get outside more and into the fresh air. For your mental and physical health, it is essential that we balance our time indoors with some outside time.

Even if your time outside is just a few hours reading by your favourite outdoor modern fountain in your garden, it is important to find a way to spend some time outside. Your home is your refuge and that includes the garden.

Here are some of the benefits of getting outside more and enjoying some fresh air.

It boosts your immune system

When you are in an office setting at work, you are exposed to germs with nowhere to go. Being in such close quarters with your coworkers means your body is busy fighting the germs from your office. 

With your body busy doing this, it is putting a strain on your immune system. This goes for spending too much time indoors in general. When you are outside walking, the exercise can help build up your neutrophils and monocytes, aka killer cells, and that increases your immune strength.

Add in the oxygen-rich air and you are getting more energy that can help beat any germs that you are exposed to during the course of the day.

Energy from oxygen

The outdoors is rich in oxygen as plants absorb carbon dioxide and pump out fresh oxygen in exchange. 

When you are breathing in this oxygen rich air, you get an energy boost. Oxygen helps break down the sugar in your blood which is how energy is produced. Your body then stores this energy for use when you need it. 

When you are outdoors more you sleep better and are able to wake up more easily to tackle the day thanks to the extra oxygen you are breathing.

Instead of grabbing a large coffee on your way to work, go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes and you will find you have a lot more energy and focus during the day.


Using essential oil to scent your surroundings to improve mood is all the rage right now. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it does encourage you to spend more time indoors.

When you are outside more, you get natural aromatherapy that will improve your mood. The smell of flowers in the spring will work wonders for your mental health. Linden trees produce a powerful fragrance that fills the air. If you have the space in your garden, you should plant some lavender as the flowers are known to help decrease any anxiety and calm an overactive mind.

Even the smell of freshly cut grass is very soothing and helps reduce stress. The scents of nature are everywhere. They can be enjoyed even if you live in the suburbs and not out in the country.

Do you enjoy time outdoors?

Do comment and let me know what you enjoy outdoors and how it benefits you.

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Fresh Air: How Spending More Time Outdoors Keeps Your Healthy

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