We would all like to save a little more, am I right? Perhaps you have a holiday to pay for, a house move that you are needing to get started on, things to pay off, things you want o do in your life.

Everything seems to cost money these days, and so if you are on a fixed income, it can often feel like there is no way to turn. But you can make savings, and often small savings here and there can really add up over time. I wanted to share with you some of the things you could consider to help make some savings each and every day.

Planning those meals and days out can save you

Having a plan can help you in more ways than one. Firstly, it can help you tackle one of the big spends we can all face and that is the food shop each week. Planning your meals means that you ultimately only buy what you need and leaves you less chance of buying extra food.

However, planning could also be used for days out and weekends, and at this time of the year when school is broken up, it can become a godsend to keep the costs down. Researching free events can help you fill-up the diary with lots to do for a fraction of the cost.

Using coupons, codes and vouchers to bring the costs down

Many of us will have some form of loyalty card that we use, but have you considered using those points earns for keeping costs down. They can be turned into vouchers that bring the costs down of food, but they can also be converted to use in restaurants, money off days out or as posits towards holidays.

Also, a quick look online at discount codes from vouchercloud can help you to save on everyday spending as well. Cashback sites also work well, and can really help you keep the costs down.

Regular checks of your financial situation

When was the last time you checked your financial situation? If times are tough this is possibly the last thing you want to do, but you could highlight some potential savings. There may be bills that you could change providers for giving you saving each month.

It could highlight debts that could be paid off quicker, which means that you can then free up monthly spending each month. It might not be nice to remind yourself of your situation, but it is always worth it to save money.

Planning ahead

Finally, planning ahead can be used in other ways. For example, children are always growing, and so using sales in the winter and the summer to buy the next age range of clothes ahead of time and putting them away could help you avoid a sticky situation when needed.

Having savings pots for things like Christmas or car repairs can also help you to avoid debts mounting up when you need to spend money. Even small amounts each week can help lighten the load.

I hope that these tips help you to make everyday savings.

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