There are Funko items included in this article I was sent for the purposes of sharing them with you but all opinions are my own.

Have you seen Funko Pop! figures about but not sure what they are all about? Maybe you have a member of the family who is mad on them? I received a bundle of Funko products to keep us busy and I thought I would share them with you so read on to see what a fun bundle we received.

A selection of Funko goodies
Funko goodies

Funko Pop! Vinyl Collectables

The four boxed figures in the image above are generally seen as collectable but there is no rule. Some kids love to play with them, some love to keep them boxed on a shelf. They are popular with adults too and wow there are so many to choose from. These are a good few of hundreds available including footballers, celebrities, artists, cartoon characters, movie characters, musicians, honestly, there are too many to name.

Ben has a collection of around 30 so far, and he only started in about October. He keeps all his boxes on his shelves! Wherever you go they seem to sell them. When we went to the Manchester United club shop they had all the players there in Funko Pop! figures.

Shop display of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures
Shop display of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures

Funko for family fun

I love the Funkoverse Jurassic Park game that was included in our bundle, I hadn’t realised they did such things and it means Ben gets to enjoy his Funko Pop! obsession whilst we actually have fun together as a family too.

It is a strategy game that can be played on its own or with any of the other Funkoverse sets. Ideal for age 10 and up and with games only lasting around 20 minutes it is a perfect family activity if like me you hate games (like Monopoly) that last hours!

Selection of funko pop vinyl figures in a shop
Just some of the range – these are not Ben’s collection though I am sure he wishes it was!

Funko for younger kids

Younger ones may not be ready to collect the Vinyl figures, or you may prefer something a little different for them. Included in our bundle was a Pop! pen topper and Vinyl soda which is like a drink can with a hidden figure inside! Great for all those kids who like something fun and a bit different!

If you have a child who likes a mystery toy, the sort that when they buy them they just do not know which one will be inside then Funko have that in the Mystery Mini’s. Shown in my photo in the bottom right, a small Harry Potter box.

For younger ones still or those who like to have everything Funko there are the cool Super Plush figures. I have a Harry Potter one, who doesn’t like Harry Potter?!

Toy story Funko pop vinyl figures
Toy Story Funko Pop! vinyl figures

My thoughts

I love that Funko really does have something for everyone. The Vinyl figures are available in so many characters and famous people you can get a selection whatever your interest. Whether you have one or 101 they are great and there is no reason you have to complete the set it is entirely up to you! I love the range having fun things for younger children too like the pen toppers and Super Plush.

I received this bundle as a lovely gift from Funko to enjoy during these uncertain times in the world. I thought this was a really lovely touch that they know families have a lot going on and just want to help out. My niece was thrilled with the Hello Kitty one as of course Ben, a 14-year-old boy who loves football and films is apparently far too cool to add Hello Kitty to his Funko Pop! Vinyl collection!

Do you have any Funko products? What are your favourites?

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