This article includes advertising for brands however I do only recommend products I genuinely do think would make a great gift. If you are buying a gift for someone who loves gaming and/or gadgets then it can be difficult to know what to get. Gifts for gamers are hard as they often have games they like already so these ideas should help. Gifts for gadget lovers can also be hard but I hope you like my suggestions.

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Gaming fan gifts

An easy gift would be credit for their gaming console but if you want to avoid this these gifts for gamers should also help.

This new game, Yum Yum Cookstar is perfect for young gamers with a variety of consoles. It is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One. Most good game retailers should stock it and it is sure to be popular so don’t wait before you buy it! The trailer should help you to see if it is the perfect game for your child or a child you are buying for.

Playstation alarm clock

Are you buying a gift for someone who loves gaming until all hours of the night and may need some help getting up in the mornings? This Playstation PS5 White Controller Alarm Clock is £19.99 from Ryman and a similar Xboc one would make great gifts for gamers of any age!

Minecraft socks and mug

Another perfect gift for a gaming fan is this Minecraft Mug and Socks Gift Set for £9.99 from Ryman. Again this would be great for gamers of all ages if they enjoy Minecraft. Is this the perfect gift for your recipient?

This is a money box I chose to personalise for a gaming fund. you could alternatively add a photo or whatever words you choose however I think it makes a perfect gift for a gamer to save up for the next game or console. The back is clear so they can see how much they are saving! This money box is from Asda Photo for just £16 and is one of the best gifts for gamers of a young age.

Gadget gifts under £50

grey laptop case in front of brick wall effect wallpaper

To keep a laptop or even tablet safe why not consider a budget laptop case from Amazon Brand Eono? This one is of great quality and available in a variety of colours and available to suit two different size laptops. Prices vary from £10.19 depending on the size and colour you choose.

Book and tablet stand

This folding book and tablet stand is really good for a student and can be angled however they need. It is available from Amazon for £25.

Tile starter kit tracker set

This Tile Starter Pack is £44.99 and includes a Tile mate – perfect as a keyring or on a bag or purse, and a Tile slim – perfect for wallets, purses, notebooks and bags as it is around credit card size and thin.

Wireless charger wooden in a box

If the man you are buying for has quite a recent mobile phone it is likely it has wireless charging as an option. This Wireless charger is stylish and as a 10w charger, it will charge his device reasonably quickly too! It is £49.99 from The House of Marley.

Waffle maker open on a wooden table

If you are buying for someone who loves cooking and gadgets then do they have a waffle maker? It is a great gadget for making breakfast waffles or sweet waffles whether for yourself or as a family treat. You never know they may make you yummy waffles! This is an amazing one for just 34.99 made by VonShef and available from VonHaus.


Smart lightbulbs are a great family gift too and would be ideal for families of any age. If you are buying for an older couple these would be a nice gift too to show them how they do not need to get up to turn their lights on and off! This pair is available from Amazon.

Gadgets from £50

If you are spending more than £50 the chances are this is the main present and/or it is someone close to you so these ideas should help you out.

Do they have an electric toothbrush or are they still using a basic brush? The Oclean X Pro Elite smart toothbrush would be a great gift.

It uses an AI algorithm to help ensure he is not missing anywhere and technology to keep it quiet whilst still brushing at a whopping 42000 rpm! It is quick to charge and the battery lasts over a month! If this is the gift for your gadget fan it is £79.90.

Emporia mobile phone

If you are looking to buy a gift for an older person who has not had a smartphone before but would be interested in trying one then this is absolutely perfect. It is designed with older people in mind and is easy to work and with all the functions you would expect from a smartphone.

Emporia mobile phone

The Emporia SuperEasy is £200, it comes with an easy-to-follow instruction book (none of this nonsense of having to find it online or with a QR code!), it is suitable for use with hearing aids and the screen is large and clear. If this had been available when my grandparents were alive I would have definitely bought them one.

Signe colour changing floor lamp

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