We were recently invited to a fundraiser for TheRockinR gaming charity for Gamezstation‘s 6th birthday. It was in Leeds and if you, like us, are not from the area you would be forgiven for not knowing anything about them. Don’t worry I will tell you all about them here!

Young boy trying out Gamezstation

What is Gamezstation?

Do you love gaming? Or maybe you have children who do? Ben is a massive gaming fan as I have shared with you many times before. He even has gaming bedding!

There used to be a gaming cafe in Mansfield not far from us but it has closed now. I have never seen anything like the amazing gaming vans Gamezstation have though! I do hope their business continues to grow and they soon are everywhere!

The custom-built gaming vans have six TV’s, six games consoles and 12 gaming seats. They can be booked for a birthday party, wedding entertainment or any event you like really.

The company was set up 6 years ago and they have two vans. Gamezstation is based in Leeds but can travel within a 65-mile radius!

Prices from £120 an hour is not dissimilar to paying for 12 kids to go to the cinema or similar. They have a huge variety of games suitable for all ages and interests.

The guys at Gamezstation were planning a birthday party to celebrate their amazing success and decided in the process to raise money for TheRockinR gaming charity.

All money raised from tickets, raffle etc went to charity so it really was fantastic!

A colourful Gamezstation van on road

What is TheRockinR gaming charity?

If you have a child or teenager that has stayed in hospital you know how boring it can be for them. TheRockinR gaming charity provide mobile gaming units to children and young people in hospital.

They aim to help children who are immobile, have limited access to activities or are in hospitals or hospices for lengthy periods of time.

The charity was set up by the father of a 10-year-old boy, Reece, who passed away last year from a brain tumour. Reece had spent a lot of time in the hospital and his father had noticed how much gaming helped him. When he felt too unwell or self-conscious to see people he could still game.

Reece’s legacy continues with the charity which uses his gaming tag for their name TheRockinR.

They are an incredible charity and I was really pleased to be able to support them. If you can spare a little why not pop to their website and support them too?

Two males standing together in front of a colourful van

The Event

The fundraising event involved trying out the gaming vans, which are amazing by the way! A balloon pop raffle for some amazing prizes which Ben won a few of.

Ben was very impressed with his loot of gaming gear! Live acoustic singers who were fantastic, food, drinks and cake!

We had an amazing time and all for such a good cause. In total, I believe around £1000 was raised for the charity and everyone had a great time too.

Why not pop over and check out Gamezstation and TheRockinR gaming charity? Please also give them a bit of love on social media.

Do you live close enough to Leeds to consider the Gamezstation vans for a party? I think we may just about fall inside the area they cover. I am seriously considering it for Ben’s birthday one year!

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