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We had snow this week, and lots of rain, it is certainly not the weather that you think about renovating the garden but it is actually the perfect time! Instead of waiting until the nice weather to even start your garden, you should start now! That way your garden will be ready for you to enjoy in the summer.


Garden renovations to work on now

Planting seeds

If you would like flowers in the summer then you should be checking the ideal sowing dates on the packs to plant them whenever you need to so they are grown in time.

Some seeds need planting long before you would imagine they do so anything you want to grow through the rest of the year make sure you have the seeds now. Snowdrops for example need planting now even though they don’t flower for a long time still.

Kids can easily help with spring gardening. Why not get them digging and planting seeds to watch grow over the coming months?


If you fancy having decking then you will want to enjoy that as soon as you get nice weather. Many contractors are quieter now so it is a perfect time to book someone to do your garden and choose the decking you like. Composite decking is a great all-year-round decking.

Remember when you are designing your decking think about if you will be barbecuing there and if you need furniture to fit on it. These simple things can help inform you how big a decking area you need and also the shape of the decking area.

You don’t want to be building an area now that your furniture doesn’t fit on when you get it out in the summer! Why not buy new garden furniture too so you can truly relax in your new tidy garden after the garden renovations?

Move plants

Now is the perfect time to move any dormant plants before they liven up again in the spring. If you do it carefully you can relocate plants now to make the garden how you want it in the spring or summer.

If you are redesigning your garden it is a good idea to think if any plants would work well elsewhere as established plants are not cheap.

Whilst seeds are cheap the time it takes to grow to the established plant you have is considerable, be sure before you get rid of anything fully grown.

General tidying

January is the perfect time to make sure all leaves from autumn have been swept away and prevent slugs and snails from taking over enjoying them. Avoiding walking on the frozen grass can help it to stay looking good for the spring too.

If you are considering an artificial lawn now is a good time to start looking at the pricing, especially if you have space to store it. Whilst it would be hard to lay it if the ground is hard and frozen there are some great sales on at the moment to take advantage of.

Buy seeds, compost and trays

Now is a great time to get everything ready so that when your seeds need planting you have everything you need. If you have a greenhouse or perhaps a shed now is a good time to sort out and see what you still have from last year and what you need to buy. ready for these garden renovations you have planned.

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