Updating your garden can be done very easily without spending a fortune. By updating small things like your fence colour, adding lighting to your garden, or updating your furniture, you’ll see a big difference.

For some of you, you may be thinking about whether to sell or renovate your property. If you plan to renovate then a simple change to your garden can make a difference. Below are 4 simple ways to get your garden ready for the summer.

lights by a path in a garden ready for the summer

Add Some Lighting To Your Garden 

Lighting can be used to make a pathway in your garden, add effects to your planting and prevent unwanted attention. Most lighting options are solar-powered meaning you don’t need any electricity to power them.

Plus, with the latest technology, it is possible for you to get smart bulbs for your garden that can be controlled by your mobile phone. Garden lighting is very cost-effective and doesn’t require you to break the bank. You could consider the option to Buy Neon Lights UK as a way to get both some light and a funky feature piece of art in your garden.

Update your plants to get the garden ready for the summer

Most of your plants will not have survived the winter months, meaning you should consider replacing them for the summer. Plants are great for adding colour to your garden whilst instantly changing the look. Don’t forget to lay grass seed in any patches that are a bit thin so they settle in well by the summer.

If you take a look on Instagram you will be able to find some images that may inspire the type of plants you would like in your garden.

Why not take a visit to your local garden centre and see what plants they have available for you to purchase? The right plants purchased now can get your garden ready for the summer.

garden ready for the summer with plants growing by window in pots

Update Your Furniture 

Garden furniture doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think. In fact, many stores sell affordable pieces that would be ideal for your garden.

By updating the furniture in your garden ready for the summer you can be excited to spend time in your garden using it. Could you even consider a garden room?

During the winter months make sure you store them in a self-storage unit as this way they can be protected for the next year. When buying new furniture make sure it’s the correct size and that you can get it into your back garden easily enough. 

Repaint Your Fences 

A very simple way to update your garden is to repaint your fences. Fence paint isn’t expensive and is easy to apply. You can choose to either repaint them the same colour, update the look, or you can repaint them a whole different colour.

Both ways will update your garden but if you opt for a different colour, this may have the biggest impact as others will not have seen this colour in your garden before.

As mentioned above, most garden centres will have fence paint so you can have a look at this whilst looking at the garden plants. Why not update the exterior of your home at the same time for an all-around look?

How do you get your garden ready for the summer?

There are so many different simple tips and tricks that you can do to update your garden. The above four are only touching on the surface. What changes are you planning on making to your garden?

Planning for a healthy summer

If you want healthy food for a relaxing summer where you don’t put on the pounds I have some great summer recipes to help. Be sure to get out the BBQ and put rubs on meats, marinate tofu or get that charcoal in to ensure that you have a great time.

Whatever you do be sure to plan ahead because we all know that when the weather is nice no shops have BBQ foods anymore and the whole of the supermarket is full of people with trolleys of bread rolls and beer. If the weather is a bit questionable there are plenty of cool summer meals to make in the air fryer to avoid putting the oven on or settling for a Mexican salad or Greek salad again!

A healthy summer means a little planning ahead to ensure you can stay on plan and still have tasty summer foods. That way you can always save calories or syns for favourites, mine are low-syn chocolate or Jaffa Cake gin!

If you hate meal planning then check out my summer meal plan or for cooler days my late summer/autumn plan.

Will you be changing anything from the above to get your garden ready for the summer? Would you like us to add anything to the list above? Let us know in the comment box below. 

Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For The Summer

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