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I love the idea of gardening. I always like it when the garden is freshly done and looks nice. I don’t, however, have the patience for it so for me it has to be easy changes all the way! Here I thought I would share with you my ideas of what I would love to do to the garden.

Outdoor flower pots for small garden, patio or terrace

I would love a herb garden with pots of different herbs that I can use when I cook. As you know I love to cook and make recipes so this would be perfect until they die a fortnight later.

Whilst we have a predominantly lawn garden the front is quite a slope so I would love to make that steps like a graduated terrace-type garden. This is something I think we would need gardening companies to do though! It is well outside my skill set!

I would love to grow vegetables successfully, the last time they didn’t go too well. I forget to water things when it is too hot and feed tomatoes etc!

It would be lovely to have some really classy garden buildings like a summer house with a hot tub and some lovely furniture. We don’t have the space, or money for that really but if we one day have a garden big enough for landscaping that would be on my list too!

In a dream world I would love an orchard of fruit trees too but let’s face it we don’t live in a mansion and neither do I have the inclination to constantly make jam or eat extortionate amounts of fruit! I could have a cherry tree though I love cherries and could eat lots of those!

In an ideal world if I am honest I would have a gardener to do all these things for me too. Gardening is ok but its not really something I would spend hours doing if I could avoid it!

What would you do to your garden to make it perfect if you could?

Are you looking for a garden shed? It is a minefield isn’t it with so much choice! Maybe this post from a fellow blogger will help. Top tips on buying a garden shed. I must say it has just given me more ideas for our garden!

Planning for a healthy summer

If you want healthy food for a relaxing summer where you don’t put on the pounds I have some great summer recipes to help. Be sure to get out the BBQ and put rubs on meats, marinate tofu or get that charcoal in to ensure that you have a great time.

Whatever you do be sure to plan ahead because we all know that when the weather is nice no shops have BBQ foods in anymore and the whole of the supermarket is full of people with trolleys of bread rolls and beer. If the weather is a bit questionable there are plenty of cool summer meals to make in the air fryer to avoid putting the oven on or settling for a Mexican salad or Greek salad again!

A healthy summer means a little planning ahead to ensure you can stay on plan and still have tasty summer foods. That way you can always save calories or syns for favourites, mine are low-syn chocolate or Jaffa Cake gin!

If you hate meal planning then check out my summer meal plan or for cooler days my late summer/autumn plan.

Getting the Garden Summer Ready without the stress

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