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I am not a massive fan of gardening though when I get going I actually quite enjoy it. Some of it at least! I am not a fan of getting too muddy in the process and have no clue on plants and what goes best where but weeding and cutting the lawn I do enjoy along with planting things in pots (which usually go on to die!).

Ben and his Grandad riding a motor lawn mower in the garden.

My stepdad on the other hand is really good at gardening and enjoys it. They grow various vegetables and have a lovely garden. It is quite big though so they have a ride on lawnmower which Ben thinks is great and as you can see he loves to help his Grandad with the grass.

Ben loves to help me sometimes too but usually needs a bit of encouragement to stop playing on his consoles for long enough! He is currently growing some tomatoes on our windowsill in the kitchen. Well I say he is, Grandad helped him plant the seeds and I am watering them as he keeps forgetting. I am pretty sure however when they grow they will be his again!

Ben with his potted plants in the garden. some potted tomatoes and some empty pots, ready to plant

When it comes to garden equipment I mostly just have a few basics but would love to get more organised and have a really beautiful garden. Maybe if someone could design and do it all for me I could just maintain it? That would be an option! I only have a spade, fork, watering can, pots and compost along with a trimmer and lawnmower! I believe a well built cheap petrol lawnmower can also do the job for you. On Greenmachinery you can learn if cheap mowers are worth the money.

Our lawnmower is just a basic cheap one I bought when our old one broke, I didn’t realise there was such a variety though with all different functions and such. This variety from S G S Engineering made me realise that there is so much more to a lawnmower than just one you plug in and hope for the best! Maybe then I could get my grass looking better and may motivate myself to do more gardening!

Do you have a gardener? Maybe that is what I could do with? I would happily have someone landscape it all making it look lovely and then sit working in the garden on nice days! In fact that is the sort of tools I need for the garden – someone else’s, operated by them!

Are you a gardening expert? Or are you a bit like me and just muddle along?

Pinterest pin of grass and gardening tools

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