Firstly, I am so pleased reading this that I only have one child. I, like many of you I am sure, sometimes pay your children to do jobs. Whether that be my son or nephew it is a great way of them learning to manage money and me getting something done a little easier.

I remember similar as a child, do you? Perhaps you wonder about getting a cleaner and think that it could be a good spend of your money? A press release I was recently sent with research from shocked me about the value of these tasks.

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How many hours a week do you spend cleaning and doing household chores?

All those jobs that we pay our kids to do, from hoovering up to getting some bits of shopping at the supermarket add up don’t they. Maybe you are lucky enough to pay a cleaner to do these kind of things for you? Imagine if you were paid the going rate for a cleaner to cook, clean, shop etc? How much would you imagine it to be? Not much surely? Well actually it is!

The average parents spend 24 hours (1455 minutes) a week doing chores! This is split into 263 minutes a week cooking! Whilst this sounds a lot this is only 38 minutes a day. I definitely spend more than that! The weekly shop takes the average parents 112 minutes, I presume that includes writing the list and putting it away as that seems a long time shopping to me!

Other time consuming tasks include washing up (110 minutes a week), changing sheets (57 minutes a week) and wiping down surfaces and appliances (54 minutes a week).

Do you feel like this is the average amount of time you spend? I guess mine would average out at that though I am sure I spend more time cooking and there is no way changing sheets takes me 57 minutes a week!

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How much do cleaners cost?

The average cost of cleaners in different areas vary greatly. An average cleaner in Bath earns £9.17 an hour whereas an average cleaner in London £9.49 an hour. Further north in Newcastle upon Tyne an average cleaner earns £8.76 an hour. I was surprised that there was not more difference between areas.

I was surprised that Winchester, an area I considered to be quite affluent apparently has £8.52 as their average hourly rate for cleaners. I guess with the minimum wage for over as £8.72 an hour perhaps this is to be expected. Cleaners sadly are often looked down on as a lower need job but through COVID look how much the nation has relied on cleaners!

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What would you earn if you were paid for your household chores?

If you were paid for the household chores you do weekly that add up to the average of 24 hours a week you could earn an average of £218.50 a week! Just think if you paid a cleaner and a cook for everything, that is the sort of amount it would cost you! Scary isn’t it!

How about you?

How much time do you think you spend a week doing chores like cooking, cleaning, emptying the bins, food shopping, washing up, changing bedding etc? I have sat and worked it out and think I spend around 18 hours a week doing all these things though don’t live in a big house and it is a bit “lived in” at times so maybe I should spend more time on it! When you look at this alongside working full time and having time to myself it is no wonder I always feel tired!

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