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Improving your fitness takes time and effort, but it doesn’t have to feel like torture. The best kinds of exercises are those that allow you to have so much fun; you’re not even thinking about the good you’re doing your body. These are the sort of things you’re likely to keep up long term, and it’s this consistency, which is important. Here are some ideas!

yoga mats


What could be more fun than jumping on a kids trampoline – it’s a fantastic way to transport you back to your childhood while being wonderful exercise! If your children have one, or maybe a friendly neighbour’s children do then this could be such fun! As well as boosting cardiovascular activity you’ll tone the muscles in your legs and back. You could join a group for adults which teaches you the techniques or go to an adults-only free bounce session. Lots of places have these for things like corporate and team building but you could go alone or drag a friend along. Are you a grandparent? Childrens trampolines are not expensive perhaps buying one for the grandchildren to use would work well and no one needs to know you enjoy it too!

Get fit Dancing

Dance is great fun and incredibly good exercise, there are all kinds of dance classes you can attend from street dance to ballet to Zumba. Find a local dance school or group and give it a go, you’ll be so busy having fun that you won’t even think about the calories you’re burning. You could bring a friend with you and use it as a fun socialising time as well as a workout!

Dog walking

Walking is one of the very best physical activities you can do in regards to your health. It’s free and accessible, something anyone can do providing you don’t have mobility issues. Walking is practical, it’s a great way to get around so you can leave the car at home and go on a walk to see friends or run errands instead of jumping straight behind the wheel. If you have a dog then this is the perfect opportunity to provide them with plenty of exercises, chances are you’ll walk for longer if you have a dog with you and know that they’re enjoying themselves.

Bike rides

Bike rides are lot of fun but are also so good for your health. You could look at some local bike trails that you could try out, otherwise just head to your local park since there are always cycling areas in these kinds of places. If you’re looking to get the whole family involved, getting everyone on their bikes is the perfect option. 

Get fit Swimming

Swimming is one of the best forms of low-intensity exercise. It takes the weight off your joints while working out just about every muscle in your body. As long as you can swim, this is something that will benefit both old and young. It will be useful for those that are right at the start of their journey or are already super fit.

If you want to get fit at home then check out my at-home workouts and see what you can do to lose weight. It can be such fun to get fit, give it a go!

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Get Fit- While Having Fun!

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