This article includes advertising for brands however I do only recommend products I genuinely do think would make a great gift. Are you buying gifts for fitness fanatics? It can be hard to buy a nice gift if you do not want to buy clothing so I am hoping that these ideas help you.

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j lab go air earphones

These JLab Go Air Sport true wireless earbuds are perfect for a fitness fanatic. Shaped well for fitness and designed for sweat resistance they will keep that fitness fan still running or exercising all winter as they enjoy it just as much. They are available in black or white and are around £73 a pair from Amazon. Earphones are great gifts for fitness fanatics.

The Amonax Ab roller home workout set includes an ab roller, push-up bars, and a skipping rope. At £21.99 it is literally a core workout in a box! Perfect gifts for fitness fanatics and at a budget price too.

This set of resistance bands is perfect for all fitness levels and includes a workout to help them to use them correctly. If you are on a tight budget this set could be perfect at just £9.99.

The Cramper Hamper from Precision fuel and hydration is the perfect gift for anyone who loves running or wants to get fitter in the new year. It includes a Boco Gear bobble hat for training on cold winter mornings, energy chews, a water bottle for staying hydrated during those January workouts, electrolyte tabs and energy gel. The hamper is £29.99 and is a great gift idea.

Boxbollen boxball set for boxing

Have you seen the latest fitness craze of Boxbollen? It is really fun and basically uses an app along with this headband with an attached ball to safely box for fitness or fun. Prices are from £19.99 and are available directly from Boxbollen.

Pro youth bars and tablets

For fitness fanatics, nutrition is important, especially protein bars and rehydration drinks. These are just a few of the products from ProYouth that could be a perfect gift for them. The bars are available in a trial pack of three for £6.25 or in multipacks. The vitamin electrolyte tablets are £6.95 a tube. All are available along with other goodies from ProYouth Nutrition. These are great low-cost gifts for fitness fanatics.

proverb natural deoderants

This isn’t just any deodorant, this is perfect for sports and is ethical too. A refillable deodorant that is great for sensitive skin and uses only natural fragrances. A starter set is just £15 and will last 2-3 months and give them that introduction to refillable products.

Haskapa berry powder is a great superfood powder for someone who is trying to increase the nutrients in their diet without having to eat punnet after punnet of blueberries! The powder is available on its own, as a subscription or as part of a gift box which includes two packs of Haskapa berry powder, a coconut bowl and bamboo spoon and a glass storage jar designed to filter out UV light. The Haskapa gift pack is £50, a pack of the powder alone is £18 or three packs are £45. Subscriptions start at £12 a month.

Do you have any other good ideas for gifts for fitness fanatics? Do share them in the comments below.

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