This article includes advertising for brands however I do only recommend products I genuinely do think would make a great gift. Sometimes young children, especially babies, are hard to buy gifts for. These baby gift ideas are great for new or expectant parents too and the toddler gifts could be given to younger children as a gift for them to grow into throughout the year too. Be sure to get the parents to put away anything with small parts though until they are ready for it.

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Gifts for babies and toddlers

These cute buddies from Mokee would make lovely gifts for a young child. They are soft and cuddly perfect for little hands and made by Mokee who are top sellers of cots, Moses baskets and other items to help babies have a good night’s sleep. Each of these buddies is usually £29 but they are currently on offer for £9 and they are just so cute, don’t you think? They are up to 60cm tall too so not tiny! Check out the range of Buddies from Mokee and maybe order a few for a little one you are buying for this year.

The book of you

This is an ideal gift for children of age 1+ or their parents and is designed to write together to record everything from their childhood to look back on. Every year it is written in to keep a record of how things are and what changes including questions for the child to answer! This is also available from Colour Chronicles for £25 and in a variety of colours.

little socks and peter rabbit toy

This gorgeous baby gift set is an amazing gift idea for little ones. It includes a Peter Rabbit toy, cute socks and a Christmas storybook. The set is £34.80 from The Little Sock Company and would make a great gift for a small baby or even a parent-to-be!

Lamaze soothing panda toy

This Lamaze Soothing Heart Panda has a light-up heart for them to cuddle and is great for babies from age 9 months. It can be bought for £27 on Amazon and is also available from John Lewis.

Peppa pig boat

Many toddlers love Peppa Pig so this Grandpa Pig boat is a great gift they will enjoy in the bath. It is suitable for 18+ months and can be bought for £16.99 on Amazon, it is also available from selected Boots stores, Very and John Lewis.

Magicube blocks

If you have never heard of Magicube from Geomag you really are missing out. It is a great toy for youngsters aged 1-5 that encourages building by using magnets in a safe way. The blocks in each set can be used together and there really are limitless construction ideas. This set has 13 pieces including wheels and is currently £22.49 from the Early Learning Centre.

Dantoy baking kit

I have shared before how much I love the Dantoy range of toddler toys. They are made mostly from sugar cane although some ranges use recycled bottles. They are great for the environment and made to last whilst also being pretty cool role-play toys for kids! This set is £22.99 from Amazon.

Numberblock One is a perfect gift for a young Numberjacks fan. If you haven’t seen the show it is great for teaching kids about counting and numbers and this little plush is perfect for them. Numberblock One is £10 from Learning Resources. It is suitable from 18 months.

Toys for approx age 3+

Small tin of thinking putty

If you are looking for a gift for a child who loves slime and putty then the Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty is a great gift. I love it too so you could give it to someone of any age but in my experience age 6+ is the sort of age who would most like this. It is however suitable from age 3. You can buy it on Amazon from £7.99.

wooden toy bus

This lovely wooden toy London bus is £21.99 from Jacques of London. I love wooden gifts like this as I think they are better for the environment and last longer so can be passed down to siblings.

car garage toy

This car garage toy is great for youngsters and can be used to encourage turn taking too. It is wooden and of great quality and can be bought for £18.99 from Jacques of London.

colourful xylophone

For a child that loves making music this wooden xylophone is £10.99 from Jacques of London and comes with some music so they can learn to play simple songs they like such as row row row your boat.

Pop ET

For young E.T fans this Pop-up E.T. game is great. It is a similar game to pop-up pirate but instead with E.T. This is suitable for age 4+ but I think that would be with support from adults! It is available from Argos and Amazon for £19.

Books for young children

Reindeer book

This is a great lift-the-flap board book about Christmas and the reindeer for babies and toddlers. The book is strong with sturdy flaps and is great to help little ones learn the stories of Santa and the reindeer as well as work on their hand-eye coordination. The book is available from Amazon for £6.99.

uh oh milo book

Uh Oh Milo, The Excited Elf is a great book in the Uh Oh Milo series perfect for children approximately under the age of 7. The excited elf is aimed at encouraging children to sleep early on Christmas eve as they hear all about an excited elf who is waiting for children to sleep to get busy! The book is £7.99 from Uh Oh Milo.

These books by Trinderella are great for youngsters. Firstly we have The Time My Grandma Accidentally Bought A Giraffe which is a hilarious book for kids of all ages but my thoughts are around age 7-8yrs would love it. Secondly, we have Nobby Nudd, another funny kids’ book, and finally, we have a book of funny children’s poems called I’ve Got 7 Dogs, 2 Cats and a Gorilla in My Back Garden

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