Guest post of one of the gifts for teenagers from Equipp from Ben’s Autistic World.

When Equipp contacted me to review a gift of their site, I had a look on the site and was surprised to see how many amazing gifts there were for teenagers like me.

What gifts can you buy on Equipp?

There is a range of gifts including some pillows, some mugs, A4 Prints and many more. With such a wide variety to choose from, that when they contacted me, I couldn’t decide what to choose!

I have even decided to buy something for my friend George for his 16th birthday from Equipp as I know he will love it!

Who are the gifts good for?

They are predominantly aimed at teenagers but some could also be good for some younger kids too. They do some nice looking jewellery so there is a gift for anyone whatever their age.

The football mug I was sent would be perfect for a football fan, or they do a workout mug which would be perfect for a fitness fanatic. They do both mugs with or without pick and mix sweets so if you are being healthy but still want the mug, this is perfect as it gives you a choice.

What did Equipp send me?

They sent me a football Pick’n’Mix Mug which included some nice sweets and a lovely football mug. They do so many other gifts but I thought this one was perfect as I love football and I love pick and mix sweets.

I had never heard of the company prior to being sent the mug but now I know about them, I might get a couple more gifts for myself from there or do some of my Christmas shopping on there.

What did I think of my gift

I thought the mug was great and it has no colours of teams on so it is a great gift for whatever team you support. The sweets were incredibly nice and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

I love the look of the mug as it has a very classy design and I love how you could get this mug for anyone whatever their age as it has no indicators to say it is for a child.

Equipp mug

Top tips for buying gifts for teenagers

My top tips for buying for a teenager is to find out the stuff they like to do or watch, then you could get them gifts around that theme of what they like. Another tip is if they like gaming (as I do!) then you could get them maybe a new game or some credit to choose their own game if you are unsure of what games they like.

You could also take them clothes shopping to get them some new clothes. I can think of so many tips to buy great gifts for teenagers but can’t put them all in as it would reach about 10,000 words! I definitely think there are lots to choose from on Equipp and you could even send it straight to the recipient.

Another important mention

Equipp donates a small amount of money towards a charity called Hector’s House which is a teenage suicide prevention charity and the money goes towards supporting the work they do.

Personally, I think this is absolutely brilliant as people need to become more aware of what it is so they can help prevent it. You can also text to the number 85258 which is free, available 24/7 and is fully confidential and secret.

I find it so heartwarming that people take time out of their day to do this and help people as, during this current climate in which so many teenagers have got school stresses like exams and also the pandemic on their shoulders, it can really be a tough place for people to be and cope in.

I also have a post about the best Christmas gifts for older children and teenagers, you can also check that out which gives you even more ideas for that hard to buy teenager.

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