The last couple of years have been difficult for a range of reasons but they have been particularly difficult financially. With many people furloughed or losing their jobs, we don’t have as much to spend on Christmas presents for loved ones as we would like. So here are some ideas for awesome Etsy gifts that are all under £10 or only slightly over.

Gifts For Mums

We all love our mums but they can be difficult to buy for. If your mum likes jewellery, this lovely necklace is a fantastic gift idea. It has an aluminium circle, on a chain that comes in a variety of chain lengths. You can add up to 5 names to the necklace to make it personal to your mum. It doesn’t specify mum so you could also add names of grandchildren or pets.

A second gift idea is a personalised wellington boot print. This print can contain up to 8 pairs of wellington boot or paw prints so you can include all your family, even the fur babies. There is a range of designs of wellington boots to choose from so the print can really represent your family.

Gifts for Dads

Dad’s like DIY. It is something they are good at (or at least claim to be!). So this 3-metre tape measure could be the perfect gift for your dad. There are suggestions on what message you want to be engraved on the side or you can have a personalised message. It is something they can appreciate as it is useful.

One thing a dad normally owns is a bottle opener. But why not get dad a personalised wooden bottle opener. This bottle opener can be personalised on both the front and the back with your messages. This bottle opener makes a good practical gift or a nice keepsake.

Gifts for Children

Buying gifts for children can be difficult because they seemed to want everything or they change their minds frequently. One possibility is buying something practical such as colouring in pages. This contains 26 pages with one page relating to each letter of the alphabet. This gift is not only fun to colour in but could help with learning letters as each page contains pictures relating to that letter.

Why not make bath time more exciting with a unicorn bath bomb. These bath bombs are sold as ‘unicorn poo’ and are blue pink and purple. There are other designs so if your child is not a fan of unicorns maybe they would prefer some ‘dinosaur poo’. These bath bombs are vegan and designed using minimal ingredients to ensure kids skin is kept moisturised.

Is your child a star baker in the making? If so they would love a personalised apron. You can choose from 9 different colours and each apron comes with ‘Chef’ and your child’s name in vinyl on the front. They can spend valuable time helping you in the kitchen, knowing their clothes are protected. This is £10.70 but only slightly over the £10!

Gifts for her

If you have a female relative or friend who is difficult to buy for this funny scented candle is a good option for one of the awesome Etsy Gifts. The label says ‘you’re bloody hard to buy for’ and comes in a range of scents so you can choose the one you think they will like. Everyone loves candles so this is perfect for that one person you don’t quite know what to buy for.

If you are looking for something small this lip balm makes a great gift idea. This lip balm comes in a range of scents that you can choose from or you can receive a random one. The lip balm comes in a tin with a first initial in a floral and butterfly design. It is pretty and everyone needs lip balm, particularly during the winter months.

Gifts for him

If you’re looking for a gift for the man in your life, this cute film Reel Gift Keychain is a brilliant gift idea. They are made using upcycled film reels are can contain either 5 or 10 photos. You can personalise the gift with a small message making it a perfect gift idea.

If you have a loved one who enjoys a cheeky glass of whiskey, this whiskey glass is something to consider. This glass holds 35cl of whiskey. There are many styles of whiskey glass to choose from and you can be personalised the glass with the name of your loved one. They can sit back, enjoy a glass of whiskey and think of you.

I hope you have found this helpful and it has given you inspiration for gift ideas for your loved ones. I know we all want to spend a lot on the people we love at Christmas but we don’t have to spend a lot to show how much we care. Hopefully, you have found awesome Etsy gifts under £10 that are perfect.

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