When I was offered this Gigantosaurus game for review I instantly knew it would be perfect for a good friend’s son Connor. He is 7 and loves his Switch so this seemed perfect. Ben is a bit old for it despite loving his Switch. I was offered a review code in return for an honest review.

child playing the gigantosaurus game on the switch

What is Gigantosaurus the game?

In this game, you can explore and race across the prehistoric world of Gigantosaurus. This Disney dino tale is a combination of saving the world, a super race, and all-giant fun!

Rocky, Tiny, Mazu and Bill have a scary problem, like the meteor that’s blocked up Giganto’s volcano! You and your dino friends need to save the day.

Join in rally races at the end of each story and play with up to 3 friends too.

young boy gaming

What did Connor think of the game?

According to my friend, it took Connor a while to understand what he was doing as it doesn’t really give you enough information on what you should be doing. He was very impressed though and loves changing the characters.

The characters all do different things to get past the challenges so Connor found this fun. He struggled to understand what to do with the eggs you have to save but is enjoying it and will soon discover I think what to do.

Helen, my friend, was very impressed with the artwork in the game as had expected it to not be of great quality but was pleasantly surprised and says it is really child friendly.

Closeup of Gigantasaurus games for various consoles

Where can you buy Gigantosaurus?

The game is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC Digital. Download from the game stores online or purchase in all your favourite game shops and also online.

It is £34.99 on Nintendo Switch from Amazon. they also have lots of toys and books to enjoy if you are a Gigantosaurus fan too!

gameplay of the game on a TV

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