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When you get your first blog post comment, you’re likely to be over the moon. To actually receive an authentic communication with another human being and get blog fans around the world, who loved your post enough to give some type of feedback, is excellent.

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The longer you blog, the more fans you will accumulate. One day, comments will lose their ability to create initial happiness. They will become more serious to you, as you feel the weight to respond to each one.

Whatever you write about, whatever kind of products you review, fans need to be treated in the same way. Growing a relationship is what they want. They would like to know more about you and interact with you more often. So here’s how to give them what they want.

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Accept fan mail

You’d be surprised at how many blog fans get frustrated because they can’t send you something. You wrote about something they know of or care about, so they would like to give you a gift of some kind to connect with you.

You can’t use your real address for security and safety reasons. However, you should use a virtual address as provides. The address you receive is real but it’s essentially in a mail building, full of other PO boxes. There’s no way for someone to turn up to the address and then somehow be given your actual address.

The company will take your mail and scan any documents. The scans are sent directly to your email and the mail can be destroyed after that. If you would like to come and collect your items, that’s also fine.

One on one time

There are normal blog fans, then there are dedicated fans. Some bloggers out there have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of followers. Not only do they follow their blog, but every account they have on social media.

If a superfan would like to have more time with you and they’re willing to meet certain criteria, why not give them what they want? Offer a one on one talk and or advice session with fans that buy a specific product you’re affiliate marketing.

No one is forced to buy it, but those that love your writing, blog, opinions, and advice, will happily buy a product they would like anyway but they’ve got your recommendation. All those that buy the product, will help you earn on the blog.

Take their names and put them in a random generator and pick a few out at random. Give them your skype details and hangout them for 30-minutes or an hour. 

Photos and tips

If you’re a retail review blogger, then you can always give a reader a helping hand. Do you write about fashion or beauty? Then why not tell your fans to take a photo of them wearing or using a product you recommended and then giving them advice and tips? It shows the fans you care about them but incentivizes them to click on your affiliate links.

The simplest marketing and PR tactic in the world is to simply give fans what they want. The more you make time for your readers, the more appreciated they will feel. 

Are they looking for tips for happiness perhaps or something more straight forward like being more confident in the kitchen? Self-care really is a common subject.

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