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The summer is the best time of the year to get out and enjoy your garden. But over the months when you don’t use it so much, it can get a little untidy and in need of some tender loving care. 

Before you can get to relax on your lounger, reading a book, or begin hosting barbecues with all of your friends and family, you might want to get out and make some changes. Here are a few simple changes you can make in your garden today.

Walls And Fences

Garden fences can get a bit tatty and weathered over time. If they are exposed to lots of wind, it can cause damage. If yours are looking worse for wear, look at getting some bespoke fencing to complement your home

Painting your fences and walls are a really simple and cheap way of bringing a new look to your garden, and giving it a bit of a lift. 

Lawn Care

During the height of summer, you will probably find that you need to mow your lawn roughly once a week. Make sure you take off any cut grass as this can smother your lawn and cause dead patches to form. 

If you notice areas of your lawn are a bit patchy, sew some grass seeds, and allow your lawn to regrow. 

The summer can dry out your grass quite quickly, especially if you get a few hot days together. If possible, fit a sprinkler system for watering your lawn. Be sure not to overwater it though, as it may become waterlogged, and you also don’t want to waste water. 


Bushes can go through some serious growth spurts early in the summer, and before you know it, your garden looks like a jungle. 

Getting on top of cutting back your bushes throughout the spring and summer will keep your garden looking tidy while making sure your garden remains healthy. 

If you need trees cutting back be sure to call an expert such as as a tree surgeon will know how to do it properly and safely.


Getting some beautiful flowers planted around the edges of your lawn can help add some color to your garden. Think about flowers that look good near each other, and that won’t smother one another.

If you don’t have borders to plant in, why not buy some planters to have along your path or patio area? 

Garden Ornaments

If you plan on spending quite a bit of time in your garden, it’s often helpful to get some lovely ornaments to add a bit of character. 

Think about getting decorations that will weather well. If you’re likely to spend evenings in your garden, get a set of solar-powered lights. You can buy lights on stakes that can line your lawn, or hanging lights to peg onto branches of trees and bushes.

Attracting Nature to the garden

There is nothing more relaxing than watching birds coming to a seed table or bird feeder. Many are inexpensive, and you can find feeders that can hang from branches. 

Having animals visiting and enjoying your garden can be a lovely feeling, and encouraging nature to flourish close to home can be rewarding.

Planning for a healthy summer

If you want healthy food for a relaxing summer where you don’t put on the pounds I have some great summer recipes to help. Be sure to get out the BBQ and put rubs on meats, marinate tofu or get that charcoal in to ensure that you have a great time.

Whatever you do be sure to plan ahead because we all know that when the weather is nice no shops have BBQ foods in anymore and the whole of the supermarket is full of people with trolleys of bread rolls and beer. If the weather is a bit questionable there are plenty of cool summer meals to make in the air fryer to avoid putting the oven on or settling for a Mexican salad or Greek salad again!

A healthy summer means a little planning ahead to ensure you can stay on plan and still have tasty summer foods. That way you can always save calories or syns for favourites, mine are low syn chocolate or Jaffa Cake gin!

If you hate meal planning then check out my summer meal plan or for cooler days my late summer/autumn plan.

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