Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to influence the density of hair. Still, you can’t argue with genetics. But this does not mean that you cannot make your hair more voluminous. The main thing is to choose the right hairstyles for fine hair. You will learn about those that just add thickness to thin hair in this article.

You can try to thicken your thin hair a little with the help of special tools, or you can simply make hairstyles that will allow you to easily create volume when styling and will look impressive despite the hair structure.

Top 10 trendy women’s hairstyles for fine hair

An attractive voluminous hairstyle is every woman’s dream. Her Majesty Fashion sets its own laws for the fair sex. And if nature has given you thick and lush hair, consider yourself lucky.

  • Elongated bob
  • Long bangs
  • “Ragged” bob
  • Puff bob
  • Pixie
  • Side parting
  • Back fleece
  • Torn ends
  • Mini bob
  • Cascade

Elongated bob

Cutting in layers already adds volume to the hairstyle, and the play of shades enhances this effect. A haircut for a round face and thin hair in this case should have an individual approach, where the help of a stylist is required.

Long bangs

Long bangs can be loose or braided into a relaxed braid, in any case, this option visually increases the volume of the hair. Women’s haircuts for thin hair with bangs look feminine and original, hiding age.

“Ragged” bob

Torn haircuts became fashionable not so long ago, but many women managed to fall in love with them. These hairstyles look very stylish, modern and non-trivial. The proof of this is a torn bob, which, with the same technology, looks different on long, medium and short hair.

The main “highlight” of a torn bob is in the special design of the tips. They are cut in such a way that they get a showy creative mess on their heads. The edges of the strands look bitten and can be achieved with thinning scissors or a sharp razor.

Puff bob

Choosing the length of the haircut “to the cheekbones”, you visually increase the amount of hair. When such haircuts are made for thin hair, special means are used to add volume – mousses or gels.

Pixie hairstyles for fine hair

Boyishly short curls make a woman’s face especially touching and mischievous. The name Pixie is taken from Irish folklore, the so-called tiny magical creatures.

The basis of the haircut is slightly elongated strands at the crown and short ones in front, behind, on the bangs. During styling, the strands are dried with a hairdryer, lifting them at the roots. To add volume to your hair, just fluff it up with your fingers.

Pixie looks voluminous and airy at the same time. A more interesting option is an elongated pixie. More length is left on the crown, the bangs are made elongated and milled. Long bangs give you more styling options – straight, sideways, back.

Side parting

Stylish version of a bob for fine hair: the main thing is to ruffle! A bob cut for thin hair will be the ideal basis for such a hairstyle.

Back fleece

The fleece always gives extra volume to hair of any length and any structure. If your hair is long enough, this is the easiest way to transform your bob into a chic, voluminous hairstyle! Haircuts for short thin hair of this style you can carefully consider in the photo.

Torn ends

The greater the difference between the length of the strands, the more voluminous the hairstyle. Add some balayage and the result will be fantastic. A haircut for thin hair for a woman is confirmed in the photo, carefully study it.

Mini bob hairstyles for fine hair

Slightly shorter than the classic, this bob adds volume to your hair with textured strands.


A cascade haircut is another option that has already become a classic. It is suitable for semi-long and long hair. Allows you to make a variety of styling. An interesting option is a sloppy bun on the back of the head and a few loose strands on the face.

When cutting, the strands are removed in layers and milled. On the face, the hair is shorter, gradually becoming longer, the longest and weakly milled are at the back of the head. The top layer of hair is cut shorter, creating extra volume.

To make the hairstyle look airy, it is laid with a hairdryer and the ends of the strands are slightly twisted. The hair roots are lifted with a brush-brush. Laying begins with a long bottom layer, gradually moving to the crown.

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