As you probably know if you are a regular reader of my blog I am a big advocate of having a happy and healthy life and doing everything you can to make this possible.

We only have a small hallway but I have been thinking of how easily a hallway gets dirty with all the coming and going and how making it functional and easy to clean would make for a happy life!

Cleaning products and gloves in blue tub

I am not a Mrs Hinch of social media, I do not share cleaning pictures and even the one above is a stock picture! I like to keep our house clean and tidy but in a lived-in fashion.

I do not believe in spending hours cleaning every day, life is too short! Are you like me? Like cleanliness but want an easy life too?

5 ways to make the perfect hallway easy to clean!

Shoes off in the house! Insisting on that rule and investing in a good door mat means you don’t have leaves, dirt and germs from outside all over the house. This is simple too as once you have instilled this rule the cleaning is minimised with little effort!

Look at the variety of real wood floors and opt for that instead of carpet. Hard-wearing it is less easily marked and stained and using a dustpan and brush you can keep it clean really easily.

Use shoe storage which keeps shoes off the floor and tucked away. This looks so much tidier but again doesn’t require much effort once everyone gets in the habit!

If you have a dark hallway consider good daylight lighting and mirrors to help brighten it up. A gloomy hallway will always look less clean than a bright one.

Consider a stairs-fitted basket. This looks so much tidier than piles of things on the stairs waiting to be taken up. Either that or some kind of punishment for kids who don’t take their things up! Our stairs always look so much tidier when they aren’t heaped with books, paper etc to be taken up!

Do you have any tricks to keep your hallway tidy and easy to clean? If you have any that involve too much cleaning though please don’t tell me, as I said I am no Mrs Hinch, a quick hoover and dust and I am done!

If you found this helpful please share!

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