We’re driven by money. The whole world is. Even as children we were driven by money without even realising it. We’d have done anything to get a little bit of pocket money to be able to go to the shops and buy as many sweets as we possibly could.

But now it’s more of a situation where you’re trying to get as much money together as you can so that you can pay the bills. Or perhaps put a little treat in your shopping trolley every now and again that wasn’t on the list.

Being an adult is just tough, and it often seems like we’re just using our wages to pay the bills and do the shopping! Whereas we think there is so much more you could be doing with your money. Things that are going to really benefit your life. So, if you feel like there are better ways that you can be spending your money, keep on reading.

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The Treats That Never Seem To Come Around

We wanted to start off with something big because there are some treats that never seem to come back around, yet we need them so much in our life.

The one thing that most of us go years without replacing, even if it’s costing us a tonne to keep going, is our cars. Once you spend a fortune on the car you have it can be so hard to admit defeat and say that you need a new one.

A new one doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think, you just have to find the right deal. First, you have to find a car that you like, such as the new Vauxhall Viva. It’s a simple and suitable little car with all of the tech that you need!

You don’t have to go for a new fancy car that costs a lot of money. You just have to go for one that’s more modern than yours, is going to last you a few years, and is going to be practical. You may even end up saving money on things like repairs and taxes in the long run.

Alternatively, your big treat could be a holiday, maybe a trip to Bali or Canada?

Investing Is Key

Once you have money, it’s important that you don’t lose it. It can feel like all we’re doing is losing money. That’s because we’re always spending it, or putting it aside in savings to eventually spend it again.

There aren’t enough of us who think about investing, simply because it seems too hard. But all you have to do is go to an insurance broker who will do the dirty work for you. You just need the money to invest. Rather than thinking about saving for the unknown, think about using your money to grow it!

Your Family’s Future

Another thing that parents tend not to do nowadays. A lot of children will have bonds set up with an amount deposited when they were born, but nothing ongoing to build on.

So why not think about opening them up a savings bond and putting a little bit of money in it each month? Even just a small amount will add up over the years, and there will be a nice chunk in there for when they turn 18 or 21!

What Do You Do With Your Hard Earned Money?

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